by Paul Maywald


My stock birds come from a man that I respect and admire greatly:
William (Bill) Schreiber

 David Kowalski describes in his book ďThe Spinning Rollers IIĒ:
ĎBill Schreiber is widely acknowledged as one of the best breeders of true spinning rollers in the world.í 

I had the good fortune of contacting Bill April of 1998 by phone. We discussed rollers, and after numerous calls, he felt that I would be worthy enough to propagate his family of birds, that he had developed for more than 60 years. Bill sent a red badge cock #YRL 7-98 and advised me to develop a family. 

After a year or two, time goes by so fast, I still had problems trying to get a family going with the hens I had. We had a World Cup Fly and Ivan Hanchett was the preliminary judge. He heard I had Billís birds and came to see them, realizing I was having a problem, said he would obtain two hens and a cock of Billís stock from a friend of his (Pete Kaufman).

I received the birds all banded YRL so I called Bill to get the background on the birds. He sent pedigrees, and we conversed further on breeding and training of his family of birds. Since that time we have been communicating every week and the knowledge I have obtained from him is more than I could get from any book, his experience is inexhaustible. The following spring he sent me 2 hens and 2 cocks, needless to say, the other birds in my loft were eliminated. I now have all of Billís, stock and they are a sight to see in the air.

This year all the young will be from the Masterís stock and providing the hawks donít attack, which are daily battles, I will have a nice young bird kit of top performers. My weekly calls continue with my mentor and with his help, I hope to perpetuate the family of rollers he so diligently developed all these years.

I hope my efforts will be a credit to a great roller man, Bill Schreiber.


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