Clorox In The Drinking Water
by Paul Maywald


Clorox, from my experience in waste water treatment is used as an oxidizer. This means when used with water it will evaporate. While it is evaporating it will suffocate and kill any bacteria it comes in contact with. A form of Clorox  is used for the treatment of swimming pools and spas as well as hot tubs to kill bacteria and disinfect the water. The problem we pigeon folks have using Clorox in the drinking water is, that it not only kills the bad bacteria but the good as well.

So what does this mean? When Clorox is used in the drinking water, the birds will drink it and not only the bad but the good GUT bacteria is killed. We are slowly killing the birds we are raising, and wonder why the performance is not up to par. A thought comes to mind maybe we should purchase some Probiotic (god gut bacteria) and add it to the water, sure enough the birds are looking better, the stools are showing the white caps, and are not loose. We have solved the problem until it comes up in a month again, and we repeat the process, because we haven't stopped using Clorox!

The correct use of Clorox for a drinking utensil is. 1 oz of Clorox to 10 oz of water, wash the utensil out and let air dry. When dry rinse with clean water, and fill it up water the birds.

To maintain good health of your birds and eliminate Clorox use the following.   1 oz of CIDER VINEGAR to 1 gal of water, vinegar is acidic as is the gut of a pigeon, bad bacteria will not live in an acidic condition, however the GUT bacteria will be strong, you will notice that the ammonia smell in the droppings will be gone when using Cider Vinegar, and you won't have to spend money buying Probiotic. The birds will be in better condition, and not stressed. Add once a week some Iodine 7% solution to the water, just enough to turn a slight color, it will help the cardiovascular system and keep the birds in form for the breeders. Also once a week crush up a clove of garlic and put it in the water, do not use garlic with the iodine.

Hope this helps some of you. I'm sure others disagree, but that's life. Try it; you will have healthier birds in the loft.

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