(people who have been part of the cast or crew of shows we have created)
*=current Phantom Sheep Player Troupe member/LaughCrafters repertoire
NOTE- Has not been updated since 2009 due to expansion of productions. Forgive us if we forget anyone.
Justin Alaimo emcee, voice talent (spiels, PWP, etc), DLL (Elvis), featured improv player repertoire
Mike Antico voice MMM
Kristen Blakely VOS, SGT (02-03 show captain/04 install), Voice PWP, Idol talent coordinator/SM
Nick Borges SGT, VOS (05-06)
Eric Boucher* writer, voice talent, director, producer, instructor, RRN, PWS/PWP, LaughCrafters, instructor, repertoire troupe
Greg Boucher PSP audio engineer, Raging Waffles, Backyard Grill, PWS cast, LMASM cast, RRN cast
Debbie Boucher PWS2/ PWS 3/ PWP original backstage tech, LaughCrafters tech swing 
Jeff Boucher RRN staff, PWS cast and rigger, Laughcrafters tech swing/contributing writer
Megan Cannon PWP/PWP2, Mayhem Mission assistant; Soundstage backstage Stage manager/tech (04), VOS director (05), SSGA, SGS director (06)
Micah Carboneau VOS, SGT (original cast)
Kate Chaconas choreographer, voice talent, WRKS Sockhop, LaughCrafters player; (99-03)
Mike Chamblerlin Mayhem Mission (08)
Ashley Collins MMM (03-04), OL, FF u/s (04)
Deanna Congo MMM (02)
Tabitha Cook PWP swing (05)
Art Cote DLL (07-)
Kevin Crowley LMASM (99)
Steve Deluco LMASM (original cast, 97-98)
Monique DuBois OL, FF, DLL (Mama), SSGA, SGS
Jenna Essel MMM (05)
Jon Gill stage manager, crew, RRN, LaughCrafters player (96-02)
Nickie Fuller Choreographer (ie: MMM), DLL (Marilyn), PWP Voice 
Angie Fry RRN featured cast
Francisco Garcia  DLL (Frank)
David Garrity Mort & SideWalk Sorcery Magic Consultant
Chris Graham SGT, SSGA, SGS, VOS
Leora Greenburg MMM (04), LaughCrafters usher/stagehand
Erin Greene MMM (original cast, 01; show captain, 03), OL, FF, VOS/SGT u/s(03)
Rob Harvey VOS,SGT swing/understudy
Katie Hanley VOS, SGT (05-06)
Mark Hoffner SSGA, SGS(06-07), Mayhem Mission (06-07)
Chris Jackman RRN featured cast
Erin Jenkins DLL Stage technician (05)
Brett Kelley VOS/SFT swing (03-05), Benny/Lead (06)
Amy Langevin RRN featured cast
Nathan LaVarnway RRN featured anchor and cast
Nicolle Leney RRN main ensemble, writer
Brian Lepine Technician/Stage Manager: PWP, Mayhem Mission (tech and Degore), LaughCrafters lead tech and cameo performer
Dan Lindgren SSGA/SGS (07), DLL (07-08)
Gabriel London VOS, SGT (02-03)
Cameron Lussier MMM (03-04)
Bill Lynch SGT (04)
Johnny Lynch Laughcrafters stage hand/technician swing
Tommy Lynch* LMASM2, Mayhem Mission, OL, FF, PWS tech, PWP, SSGA, SGS
LaughCrafters Repetoire Troupe, writer, emcee, voice talent.
Melissa Martinez Soundstage crew
Diane Mathorne RRN director
Ty Menard Mayhem Mission (08)
Adam "bonaduc" Motolla VOS, SGT, OL, FF, SGS swing, SSGA swing,  DLL (Jim)
Sara McMullin Soundstage crew (01)
Liz McMullen SSGA/SGS (06-07) and DLL tech (06-)
Rissa McClosky MMM/ dance captain
Wayne Mederios RRN director
Annie Keinath RRN featured anchor
Amy Kogut PWS2 swing
Ashley Montessi SSGA, SGS(06)
Alec Nelson VOS, SGT (03)
Jon "JB" Nesin LMASM2 (01)
Nick Palm PWS2, LMASM (99)
Eric Parsons "Mayhem Mission:Ghoulish Gameshow" (05)
Karlene Papadakis WRKS Sockhop, PWS2
Steve Pierce OL, FF, PWS3, PWP voice and puppeteer, SGT (04)
Ben Pike DLL (Frank 05)
Josh "JP" Placido LMASM (original cast), MMM voice & original cast
Jesse Redmond SSGA and PWP tech (06-07)
Keon Ruiter MMM original cast (01-02) & director (05-), OL, FF
Erin Seifert MMM (05)
Greg Seymour* DLL/PWP Lighting design (05), LaughCrafters featured player/writer/filmmaker
Emily Skrodzki MMM (original cast), DLL (07-)
Sarah Skrodzki MMM swing, PWP (original cast), PWP2 swing
Catie Smith SGT (04-05), VOS (05)
Sean Smith MMM (04-05), SSSG, SGS(06)
Alex Squires SSSG, SGS(06)
Ben Stafford SGT/VOS (05), MMM (06)
Rachel Stetson PWP2 (06)
Dawn Stoddard PWP/PWP2
Matt Swett Mayhem Mission, spiel voice, OL & FF, LaughCrafters featured player, emcee; 2003-2004
Jenny Taylor* PWS3, PWP, OL, FF, SSGA, SGS, LaughCrafters featured player troupe member
Johnny Taylor PWS3
Jeff Tingley* Sidewalk Sorcery, Mort, PWS, PWP, SSSG, SGS, LaughCrafters, writer, PSP show design and construction, director, repertoire player troupe member, instructor
Keisha Tucker MMM (03)
Carla Tome PWS3/LMASM/PWP/Mayhem Mission tech & stage manager, lighting design
Sarah Walsh Tech: SSSG, SGS(06)
Christine Whitaker MMM (06)
Tim Woodbury OL, FF
John Woytowicz DLL (Frank, 07-)
Kevin "Zippy" Zabawa* WRKS Sockhop, PWS, RRN main cast, writer, puppet workshop instructor, PWP2 swing
Tyler Stuntman PSP Stunt dummy: LMASM, LMASM2, OL
Shows alumni does not include workshop student shows.
MMM="Monster Mash in MovieTown"
PWS="PuppetWorks SpookTacular"
PWP="PuppetWorks PhantoSeize"
RRN="The New Rubber Room News"
LMASM=PSP's "Let's Make A Scary Movie!"
VOS= "Verdict of Sorcery"
SGT= "Showdown in GhostTown"
SGS= "Showdown at the Gold Rush Saloon"
OL= "On Location"
FF= "Frontier Feudin'"
DLL="Dead Legends Live"
SSGA="Splashbucklin' Scalleywags: Gameshow Adventure"

This is a working list. If we forgot someone, accept our apologies and let us know so we may include you!
If you would like your email, homepage, or resume linked to your name here, also feel free to let us know!

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