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The Phantom Sheep are the funniest and most original improv act I have ever seen. These guys are pros! ” 
-Eric Kenney, owner of Capos Cafe & Stage

"Bravo!!!.. What a great show, spontaneous verbal eruptions followed by contagious laughter."- Milta V, LaughCrafters:Comedy Improv audience member

"I’ve studied in their improv class sessions for three years now and can contribute immense growth on stage, with confidence, character building, and so much more, directly to them. Not only that - classes and these humans are a joy and a huge stress relieve. I highly recommend both classes with them and attending their own performances and checking out some of their sketches posted around the interwebs."
- Stevie Norman

"I have had the opportunity to work with the Phantom Sheep as instructors for classes ranging from kindergarten to adult. I have also worked with them as puppet consultants and performers and I can not speak any more highly of them! Easy to work with, talented, and fun!"- Becca Coolong, Springfield JCC

"...Just a note to thank you for your professionalism for Nutrition Jepardy in March 2004. Again, it was a great success and we will see if we place again for most creative nutrition promotion [ed note: they did! 2nd place nationally!] It is such a pleasure working with all of you. ...I look forward to working with you all again! Thanks for doing such a great job!"-Dianne Sutherland, UMASS Aux.Services 
"The 2007 Holiday DVD is easily the most cleverly conceived of the three DVD's produced thus far. Everyone puts up hilarious performances and the concepts are just extremely clever (sorry for using 'clever' twice, but it's the best way to describe it). The Three Wisemen/Stooges meets the Marx Brothers was downright genius, but with that, I'm not discrediting the rest of the acts. Look for the Tommy Lynch "Ooo Carolers!" clips... they'll blow your mind. Awesome job everyone, thanks for the laughs. "-Chris G, Boston, MA "Just watched the '07 DVD, and its amazingly done. My favorite parts were the Geek Alphabet (it was especially funny because a few times I guessed correctly what the next letter would be, beacuse I too, am a geek.) and the skit with Racheal Ray and Julia Childs. The humor is delightfully inapproriate, and certainly put me in mood for Christmas."-Rachel L, E.Longmeadow, MA

"I just watched your Laughcrafters Holiday Show and found it to be hysterical.  You and your four  partners have combined the flavor of Saturday Night Live, Second City, and Laugh In and put it all together to make your own unique style of comedy....Keep the laughter coming!"-PCTV's B-Mile, Producer

"On behalf of the board of trustees and library users of Abington, I would like to thank you for sharing the LaughCrafters Comedy Improv with our young adults...We appreciate all your hard work and would welcome the opportunity to have you back again.  Thank you for bringing such a wonderful program to our library."
- Deborah G, Director, Abington Library.


"The dvd was amazing and totally made my night"-Catie

"F***'n Hilarous!" -Draya

"You guys are so funny!...It looked so good!"-Erin

"...The two characters were simply amazing!  They engaged every person in the room, old and young.  They took volunteers several times throughout the show and took great pains to choose kids and adults of all ages.  Props and costumes were colorful and their voices and skit was packed with energy....It was fun to see them include jokes for all age levels also, as this made it much more enjoyable for the adults attending with the children."- SID, Inc. (Mayhem Mission) "The Show was Incredible!-for kids AND ADULTS. Disney quality performance and creativity. LOVE IT!...They were so talented and entertaining. Thank you!"-letter from PWP fan to SFNE
  "I HIGHLY recommend it! Great class, great teachers, AMAZING experience! Don't miss this class!!!"- Randy re: LaughCrafters Improv Workshops

"The highlight of the entire Frightfest was a new energetic show that appeals to all ages cleverly written and directed by Eric Boucher- Graveyard Groove, a Monster Revue"
- Stephanie Csaszar, AXS reporter.

"[our group] had a great time last night and really enjoyed your performance. I think you tailored the program to the audience well...I couldn't think of a thing to change"- Ken, ESMW (LaughCrafters client)

"Very Enjoyable. Lots of Laughs"-Stanley, Brockton, MA

(Frontier Feudin')"This Show was very well staged and really engaged the children. Lots of Fun!"-Wanita, Hanover, MA

"You guys were so funny! You'd be a hit in Europe!"-after ASA LaughCrafters peformance.(Thanks?)

“I’ve seen a lot of other groups before…it was nice to see good improv again”- DJ Daniel Sevelt  IT'S A BLAST!!!  This is the most fun I've ever had, and I feel that I'm learning important skills.   I feel more confident about myself, and I know that I can thank Improv for that.  Plus I've made some new friends."  -Jennifer, a PSP improv workshop alum
"Last night was awesome! So much fun!...can't wait to see what you guys do next year!" -Brie RE: LaughCrafters Holiday Show Screening event.

"Thank you so much for doing such an awesome program with the teens. The students that I spoke with had a great time and asked if we would be able to have you return to the library."-P.Brose, Westfield Athenaeum.


"Great show last night! I think my favorites were the "Blue Man Group" and the "Waking Scrooge", with "Flute Hero" a close third... Fantastic job Eric, Tommy, Zippy, Seymour, and Jeff!!!!!!"
- RE: LaughCrafters Holiday Show Screening event

"Your career area always peaks interest with the students and you have a great way of telling it like it is.  We have been able to offer this program only because of giving professionals like you"- Elaine Devine, Monson High School re: our participation in Arts & Media Seminar

"This was an extremely well-done presentation. It was entertaining for all age groups. In addition, the three puppeteers were wonderful as they interacted with our grandchildren after the show!"- mail for PWP

"I just wanted to tell you that my friends absolutely loved the show last night...that's all they talked about at dinner afterward and again today"- Catie S., LaughCrafters audience member

"The show is wonderful and the singers are very friendly.  They always make a point to shake everyone's hand.  Me and my son watched this show three times"-written audience compliment for DLL

"Fantastic show! The singing, dancing, and energy were impressive!"-written audience compliment for DLL

“…Our own “Yoda” of sorts, the Phantom Sheep Productions Improv troupe.  Thanks to their workshops…we acquired the skills we need to successfully make fools of ourselves without making complete fools of ourselves”-Steve, “Puce Tomato Gods” student troupe.

“Overall, [our class] got to know each other better, and felt comfortable working with themselves and each other. They also learned how to think faster on their feet.”- Andru, WSH improv workshop student
"...we had a great time!  We learned so much about how to feel comfortable and confident in front of a group and how to make improvisation fun and entertaining! Again, thank you for a wonderful experience!"-Sarah, ASA

"It was a huge success...and a lot of the success is due to the great personalities of the emcees! You all were fantastic!" -D.Sutherland,UMASS (Mealionaire)

"....After All one off the shows Dead Legends Live! featured comedy and songs from actors dressed as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, "Mama" Cass Elliot, and Frank Sinatra.  I really didn't think that a kid Noel's age-she turns 10 in a few weeks- would even know these icons of American show business, much less appreciate the grim parody song of 'I'm All Dug Up,' sung to 'I'm All Shook Up.'     It brought a tear to my eye when Noel turned to me and said that Elvis was the 'king of rock and roll.'"- G.Michael Dobbs, managing editor, Springfield Reminder
"Just wanted to let you all know that last night's show was my favorite by far! ...Also, I enjoyed the proverb game as well, very interesting and definitely one I'd like to see at another show.   I am declaring myself as Tommy's # 1 groupie: I laugh everytime he opens his mouth!  It was a great show for all !!! Mullet Shampoo Rules!  -Kelly, LaughCrafters audience member" "Los Angeles has its Groundlings, Chicago is famous not only as the Second City, and Saturday Night Live will always be 'Live from New York.' But someday, if the gods of sketch and improvisational comedy are kind, [Western MA] will be known as the birthplace of Phantom Sheep."- Karl M. Rexer, The Republican

"...your stage show at the Women's Club was great... You are a funny and talented group!"-Martha G. (LaughCrafters audience)

"The show is AWESOME! Very family friendly and the characters are excellent!"- written "Splashbucklin' Scalleywags" written audience feedback 

"Both performers were exceptional....made our day fun and exciting!"-written "Splashbucklin' ScalleyWags" audience feedback.

"The cast was a lot of fun and the show was very interactive....thanks to the fabulous cast from landlubbers"- written "Scalleywags" feedback

"Wonderful Show! But even more, they were fantastic with kids"
"Thank you!  That was the most exciting Friday night I've had in a long guys were awesome!" - Jason Y., after attending his first LaughCrafters Show.

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