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Over the years, PSP has come a long way in Audio Production. With upgrades in recording equipment, audio software, digital capability, plus the creative voice-over talent experience of comedic actors and our resident audio engineer Greg Boucher (UML audio engineering graduate and contracted and professional freelance technician and audio engineer for over 9 years), our ability to deliver audiences a quality product is even more improved and has been featured in theme parks and other theatrical productions
Some featured Audio Info:

  • Greggo's Raging Waffle Show! & The Backyard Grill
  • Character Voice-Over and other Audio Work we are well known for
  • Other related audio stuff we have done/can do
  • The Voices of PuppetWorks PhantoSeize

    Greg and Eric at WSKB
    Greg and Eric at WSKB (1997)
    Eric recording one of his many PWS voices
    Eric recording one of his many PWS voices for the puppet track on one of our 1st systems in 1996.(click here for more on the later voices of PWP)

    Eric and Tommy hang out with Dr.Dru for 4 hrs on WCCH to entertain & promote an upcoming show. (and somehow end up in a cage with Ozzy)

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    PSP's first on-air radio produced regular broadcast ran as one of the most listened to shows on WSKB! Listeners were caught off guard and attracted to the absurd chats and comical bits that played during the mid afternoon weekly.
    Greg's first gig as a DJ, he acted as engineer, producer, and host. He chose most of the music and ideas. Eric sat by with the mic ready to perform any character called for. Zippy and Jeff often stopped by (or were phoned and placed on air) for random interviews or added characters.
    Some of the classic characters and segments included: Satan (who surprisingly kindly gives directions to lost drivers), the crowded studio, Love-Chat, and the Man who thinks he is a chicken with the chicken who thinks he is a man.
    Greg on the radio The BackYard Grill!:
    Concentrating more on music, with the gratuitous dose of wild comedy, Greg created "the Grill" to spotlight the local music of New England. Side-host and DJ in training, Tbitsu sat along every week. Eric stopped by occasionally to offer a character or two (at the same time).
    This show created the popular Kyp Wyld and Sister Shotgun of the local washed up metal band PapSmear! (later becoming "Epenbexx")


    Other Voice-over & Sound Work!
    PSP provides all the voices and track recording for most of it's productions.
  • Eric is a trained actor with professional character classes and degrees in theater and Communications. He has done plenty of Voice-over work for PSP and media since 1996.
  • Greg is a BA graduate of UML in their acclaimed and respected Audio Engineering program and has professional experience as an audio technician/Engineer for Premier Parks, Six Flags, Silvertree Productions, ColorTronics, WWLP 22 News, and facility manager for Capitol Regional Education Council.
  • PSP alum and repertoire players Tommy and Jeff all each have several years of professional voice talent and emcee experience.



     Some highlights include:

  • Legion of Doom- show track recording and engineer along with voice talent for The Joker, Lex Luthor, Captain Cold, and more for DC Comics and SFI, NY.(2007)
  • SIX FLAGS Ride Spiels- recorded, engineered, mixed, creative direction, and all vocal talent on most ride and attraction announcements at Six Flags New England and Six Flags America (Washington DC) (2000-2005)
  • Created all new sndfx soundtracks including custom voice for over 16 sections in the new Midnight Mansion and Wicked Woods (2007)
  • "ROSWELL:ALIEN INVASION" soundtrack and effects for SFNE
  • All the character voices and mixing in our original shows including  "PuppetWorks Spooktacular"(1, 2, & 3!, "PuppetWorks PhantoSeize", "LMASM", "SideWalk Sorcery", "Mort's Used Coffin's", "Monster Mash in Movietown", Mayhem Mission, and many more!
  • Sound Engineer and Edits  for "Batman-The Dark Knight" ride attraction media events show elements (2002).
  • Track mix, voice-overs, and CD production on "Crocodile Cal Limbo" at Island Kingdom (1998)
  • Re-mix and VO-outro/intros with preshow on Silvertree prod's "Pep Rally", "RadioActive" and more.
  • Re-vamp, arrangement, re-mix, and new material with Voice-Over talent on "Malt Shop Magic" for Silvertree Productions.
  • Layered sound effects mixing and design for other Theme Park Haunted attractions Midnight Mansion (1997) , House of Horrors (1998). "Brutal Planet", and "Happy Valley Trail of Terror" including scripting, voice talent, and audio production for queue spiels and scenes.
  • Fireworks Display accompaniment with Atlas Pyrotechnic
  • What kind of stuff we can do for Your company

  • Sound effect and mood music artistic collaboration and consultation
  • Layering and mixing themed tracks of pre-recorded effects and music
  • Original character voice recordings
  • Original copy and script writing for recording for any event or purpose
  • DJ personality talent to host your event with great comic personality

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