PuppetWorks At Work

 A few behind the scenes bits putting together a "PuppetWorks" production!

(below) Puppet conceptuals and design scribbles for "PhantoSeize (2002)" Goblins and ghost marrionette (right) done by Eric Boucher and Jeff Tingley. Accompanied by the actual product in the show.

Some scibbled notes on a new show outline

(above)Greg mixes down and edits the track.
(right) Eric rebuilds the conductor ghost for PhantoSeize 06.
(below) The fixed ghost in normal then in blacklight.
Megan and Tommy get the cast ready for new production.
Backstage at PWP center wall. 
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"building Soundstage Theater"
SST was also shared with the Mayhem Mission team
Kristen Blakely, singing voice for
the Crypt Chicklettes (also pictured here) in PWP
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Karen & Laura  building costumes 
for WRKS Sockhop (1996)

Eric building the Witch and Dragon Snakes for the first 
PuppetWorks SpookTacular (1996)
(note: Zippy on sewing machine in background)

Greg with "Griz" there for inspiration,
        mixing 4 of Eric's chracter voices for PWS2 (1998)

      Eric & Greg worked 18 hrs till 6AM during this 
            voice tracking and mixing project, so that in the final project, we can all hear Eric talk to himself. Now, its all done digitally and vocal recording time is signifigantly quicker!

Conceptual design/sketch by Eric 
of the four-armed MIB dancing alien costume
 character/puppet  for the PWS2 opening 

Greg backstage with rigging and fx of PWS1
Convincing Pete that PWS2 would be a good idea.
The New Book Puppet being built for PWP 06:


fun backstage inside info
Building SoundStage Theater

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