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Training thousands of all ages! Encouraging collaboration, creativity, and self confidence through the Arts!


  Phantom Sheep is a proud partner of the Springfield JCC
  offering theatrical education classes for all ages at reasonable prices!
  Open to the general public!
  Discounts available for JCC and JART Members on all classes and workshops.

LaughCrafters: Comedy Improv Classes
All Levels for Adults & Teens 15+ 
SPRING SESSION: 6 Weeks starting April 30th 
More Details
Contact 413-739-4715 or improv@phantomsheep.com for more info and to sign up.

Improv Jam featuring Class Performance
March 28th More details

Youth Classes (Ages 6-15)

COMING JUNE 25-29, 2018:  IMPROV CAMP (grades 3-9) at the JCC!
413-739-4715 for more info and to sign up.

"Acting Up: Intro to Improv" K-4th grade
Using theater games to encourage collaborative play, fun stories, and creative thinking.
Taught by Eric Boucher and Jessica Lamoureaux
January- March 2018.  Mondays 5:00-5:45PM at Springfield JCC Kidspace program
Contact JCC at 413-737-4715 for more info and to sign up

LEGO "Accept & Build.
Creating models based on a new theme each week and finding ways they can interact and tell a story with others. Taught by Tommy Lynch.  Next session TBA.

"Puppets with Phantom Sheep":Get hands on experience with different types and styles of puppetry including hand, rod, and marionettes. Throughout the course, kids will also get to design their own puppet including how to create its personality and story as they bring their fun characters to life.  Taught by Eric Boucher and Jeff Tingley.

Teen Improv Workshops (Grades 6-12)

"Laugh Out Loud in the Library"
Abington Library: June 22nd. More details
Southwick Library: July 10th. More Details
Westfield Anthenaeum: July 25th. More details

The Phantom Sheep Comedy School

can also come to YOU!

With nearly 20 years of professional experience teaching thousands of people of all ages!
For more information on how easy it is to get our team to conduct
workshops at your school, office, library, club or group meeting, Contact us today!

A great way to ease stress, learn new skills, build team work and confidence
 (...and it's a lot of Fun!)

  • Strengthen and utilize quick thinking 
  • Widen abstract thought 
  • Emphasize team focus and collaboration
  • Trusting other players’ ideas and your own
  • Building scenes
  • Character building and development
  • Strengthen stage presence and self-confidence
  • Unleash your creative talents
  • Ease stress
Not just for Theater students!
  • Great Team building!
  • Ease Stress and find laughter!
  • Recreational and educational!
  •  Improve communication and confidence.
  • Make your employees more comfortable interacting with customers.
  • Also useful for writers, teachers, and other communication professionals.

  • Examples of Workshops offered

    • "Basics of LaughCrafters"-overview and practice of games & techniques. Learn to think quick, create funny scenes and characters, meet new friends, have fun!

    • "LaughCrafters Workshop: Improv 2.0 "-class for advanced students and those with prior experience.  Focus on in depth character and scene study with the goal of performance and presentation.

    • "Making a Scene"- Advanced class focused on finding the funny while creating scenes based in truth, discovering where good stories and characters come from.

    • "Game On"- All levels class focused on short form improv games that are easy to learn, hard to master. Full of fun while still challenging advanced players how to present and fine-tune their game.

    • "Improv as a Business Tool"-using many improv theater games with the aim to improve confidence, communication, collaboration, and finding the humor in everyday life.  Not focused on professional acting or theatrical presentation.  Great for leadership or customer service classes.

    • "Acting Up"- using variations of the same theater games, this class is aimed at young children to encourage creative thinking, teamwork, and imagination as they get to play different characters, scenes, and tell crazy stories.

    • Troupe jump start, directing, and coaching- Are you part of a newly formed improv troupe in your community or school? Need a foundation to get things started or a director to coach you? We can get involved to get you going with the right tools.

    Each can be a one day session or series of classes.

    E-Mail improv@phantomsheep.com
    or call (413)789-1302 for more info and to book 
    your group TODAY

    Also Available: 

    • Basics in clowning character
      • in the spirit of Buster Keaton, Mr.Bean, and Wile E Coyote.
    • Basics in Balloon Animals
      • teddy bears to turtles
    • Intro to Acting
      •  finding the character, beats, and purpose in scripted scenes.
    • Puppetry
      • animating and character creation


    Some workshop clients include:
    Western New England College

    "Up with People" touring company
    Girl Scouts of Western MA
    Six Flags New England 
    Westfield High School
    Springfield Library (4+ years)
    Agawam Library (6+ years) 
    Westfield Athenaeum (5+ years) 
    Abington Library (4+ years)
    Hardwick Paige Memorial (3+ years)
    Academic Studies Associates, Inc.(5+ years)
    Holyoke Community College  (taught weekly class for several semesters)
    Westfield State College (bi weekly sessions)
    Berkshire Hills Music Academy
    Duggan Academy of Social Justice (weekly class for Springfield middle school)
    Meadowbrook School (weekly class for grades K-3)
    Mapleshade School (Weekly class grades for 4-6)
    Springfield JCC (various workshops and weekly classes for all ages since 2014) 

      "I HIGHLY recommend it! Great class, great teachers, AMAZING experience!
    Don't miss this class!!!"- Randy

    "Thank you! I started conquering a fear tonight!
    And had a blast too!"-Stevie

    "I have taken a few classes with Phantom Sheep, and I have loved every minute of it! The classes are a great way to enhance your improv skills in a judgement-free setting. The instructors are very kind and supportive, and they have helped me to step outside my comfort zone and build confidence. I would highly recommend taking these classes, especially if you love to laugh!"- Lexi

    "...we had a great time!  We learned so much about how to feel comfortable and confidentin front of a group and how to make improvisation fun and entertaining! Again, thank you for a wonderful experience!"
    -Sarah, ASA
    "I have been taking classes with the phantom sheep player for over a year now and it’s nothing short then an amazing time. I have laughed and learned so much in an Improv class. Highly recommend if you are just starting Improv or have been doing it for years."- Aaron

    "I've attended several workshops and improv jams with Phantom Sheep and have enjoyed every minute! They have also helped me improve my improv skills. I highly recommend for anyone who loves to laugh!"- Paige

    “…Our own “Yoda” of sorts, the Phantom Sheep Productions Improv troupe.  Thanks to their workshops…we acquired the skills we need to successfully make fools of ourselves without making complete fools of ourselves”
    -Steve, “Puce Tomato Gods” student troupe.

    “Overall, [our class] got to know each other better, and felt comfortable working with themselves and each other. They also learned how to think faster on their feet.”
    - Andru, WSH

    "Thank you for sharing the LaughCrafters Comedy Improv with our young adults...
    it was a very successful program. We appreciate all your hard work and would welcome the opportunity to have you back again.  Thank you for bringing such a wonderful program to our library."- Deborah, Director, Abington Library.

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