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Here you will find answers to many common useful and less useful questions regarding our troupe.
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What is a Phantom Sheep!?
In recent years, the troupe has simply been known as "Phantom Sheep", sometimes clarifying "Players" or "Productions".

The original Phantom Sheep is actually...a puppet.  It is a character that was developed while working as puppeteers at Riverside (now Six Flags New England) and later became a character in the first original script sold by Eric and Kevin. We first officially used it as a production company name on the first episode of The New RRN, where the sheep appeared i nearly every episode (We never expected it to become that popular). He lurks in the shadows. He haunts, he taunts. He is cute, adorable, and a master of disguise (kinda).  He appeared in PuppetWorks for over 11 years, reoccurring segments on RRN, several LaughCrafters cameos, and even performed in front of a full house at Northampton's famed Academy of Music.

We kept it as the name of the company for a few reasons:

  • It was a major character from one of our first professional jobs and has become sort of a good luck icon for us.
  • It sounds like the cool name of a rock band, and being in a high energy audience interactive improv troupe is the closest thing to be rock stars in the theater world.
  • It's also unique and hard to forget....and so are our shows!

  • What do you Do?
    We are creators of original quality entertainment for schools & corporate events.
    Our services and talents include:

    We have worked in theater, schools, colleges, libraries, theme parks, live and recorded television, radio, and specialty venues.

    What is LaughCrafters?
    LaughCrafters is the brand name given to our original created comedy short scenes. It originally referred to our improv show, which typically was "comedy created right before your eyes, for about an hour" (LensCrafters parody).  It was then extended to our improvisation workshops and eventually show grew to include more scripted and pre-recorded sketches mixed in. Most of those sketches originated from improvised scenes. We enjoy LaughCrafters because it is our showcase of the comedy craft and a method how we create.   You can see it live on stage, clips online, compiled on DVD, and fun workshops being taught to your group.

    Who are the Phantom Sheep Players?
    The Phantom Sheep Players are the comedy improv writer/performers that are seen in such shows as "LaughCrafters". They are the regulars that form the core repertoire troupe and the basic inner creative team of all our shows and productions. Currently the players include Eric Boucher, Tommy Lynch, Jesse Redmond, Greg Seymour, Jeff Tingley, and featuring Devin Horan, Jessica Lamoureux, and Kevin "Zippy" Zabawa. The majority of the current cast has been together since 2005. The troupe boasts over 240 scripted sketches produced and countless improvised scenes!

    Where is your troupe based?
    We are based in the Springfield area of Western Mass, a haven for the Arts. We mostly work throughout New England and the New York region with several performances in the Springfield, Agawam, Amherst, and Hartford area.

    How did the troupe form and how does it operate? 

    Phantom Sheep Productions started in 1996 as the creative team of WSCTV's local cablecasted "Rubber Room News" (RRN) and Riverside's "PuppetWorks" with co-founding members Eric Boucher and Kevin Zabawa. Many of us have met through our work with Six Flags Entertainment and in improv classes. Our members are alumni of Westfield State Communications, HCC Theater, Sleeveless Theater Power Improv & masters classes, USC, Sci-Fi Network, STCC, Salem State, Six Flags Entertainment, Red Door Theater, Silvertree Productions, and work that includes off-broadway and LA film festivals. 

    Today, as a team we offer a wide variety of entertainment and supply shows, writing, audio production, perform, and teach workshops for theme parks, schools/colleges, libraries, clubs, churches, and other organizations.  We also fully produce our own live and recorded shows in various theaters, DVD's, cablecast, and online media. 

    The troupe may be contracted directly through our director Eric Boucher who coordinates everything to ensure you end up with a complete production. Several other troupe members also act as associate producers, site liaisons, and instructors, and may be contacted at any time. We work closely with your group to make sure no detail is left out from publicity to venue layout so that you end up with a quality show and successful event.

    What's with the Puppets!?

    What's with the cross-dressing?
    It is true that being a troupe of mostly males, we sometimes have to wear a dress and wig in a sketch (and sometimes Jenny played a guy) otherwise the variety of characters we could play would be too limited.  Much like our idols "Kids in the Hall", the comedy is never simply being "a dude playing a lady", but rather focus on making each character funny no matter who is playing him or her.

    Are your shows and programs suitable for kids?
    For many shows, yes. For some shows, it depends. Some of our work is political parody or social satire that may be more appropriate for teens and adults. However, we never rely on excessive gratuitous cursing and cheap humor.  We try to keep everything family friendly, but will put warnings on shows that are intended for an older audience.  We may go "PG-13" at times, but never "R" level.  A show like LaughCrafters is the easiest to customize since it's based on the tone the audience sets.  We are very serious about keeping all performances at an appropriate level for the group being entertained. 

    A large portion of our "commercial" success came from our popular family shows working in the theme park industry and we also work heavily with schools and libraries.  With popular fun music, witty jokes, silly parodies, sketches, and dialogue, we never underestimate the intelligence of kids and their love for good entertainment.  Plus we aim to make our family shows equally enjoyed by the adults along with the kids! Adults and teens are often surprised with how much they love what they thought was initially just a "kids show" like "StoryTale" or "Graveyard Groove". Because of that theme park experience, we are experts on entertaining and working with groups of all ages.

    What kind of workshops do you offer?

    We are proud to offer several workshops and classes to enhance your organization's skills, customer service, and sometimes just to motivate and entertain.  Professional instructors in the entertainment industry will work closely with your group for a unique and fun event sharing their experience and coaching so that everyone has a great time and learns new skills.

    Our most popular workshop is LaughCrafters:Comedy Improv.  These are excellent for ages teen to adults, both for theater and non-theater students.  Our "Laugh Out Loud at your Library" series has been very successful part of many teen programs throughout the state. We have also used exercises and games from our improv repertoire to teach workshops in Team Building, Communication, and being able to interact with co-workers and customers.

    We have also proudly partnered with the Springfield JCC and offer weekly classes in improv for all age groups. Click here for more details on current classes

    Other classes and workshops we offer include: All of our workshops and classes are taught with humor and encouragement with lots of coaching and interactive participation of the students.  We pride ourselves in being able to showcase the best in everyone and often the "shy" are breakout stars amazed at their own brilliance.  We can customize a workshop to serve the goals and needs of your organization!
    We also have experience as guest speakers and presenting lectures on the entertainment and comedy industry at high schools and colleges.

    What is the pricing of Shows and Workshops?

    What is your payment and refund policy?

    How can I see a PSP show!?

    Do you have any videos posted online?
    We have posted many of our sketches and clips of live shows online and plan on continuing to add many more.  Currently, you can see videos of us on YouTube, and at our Facebook Page.  You can also visit our Media Room hub for links to these sites and more.  Sometimes we offer LaughCrafters Show DVD's, each loaded with dozens of sketches, gag reels, and other bonus features.

    Who are some of your past clients, groups, venues that you've worked with?
    Be sure to check out our "Applause" page full of some great feedback.
    A few of our favorite groups we have repeatedly worked with include:

    What is the Meaning of Life?
    One of our favorite Monty Python movies. 

    What about Fan-tom Sheep?
    It may've started from the crazy Davis dorm cult many years ago, but our fans have grown along with us.   We love meeting new people and are proud to have entertained all age groups.

    What kind of cool PSP swag can I get!?
    We sometimes offer DVD's or T-shirts, but the thing most of our fans love is simple 1" buttons with their favorite show logo or character on them! For only $1, you can be cool and add one to your hat, bag, or lapel. These are available at most of our improv shows and workshops. In fact, we often give one away free each show to an audience member for "suggestion of the night"!  We are not in the retail business, so the small cost we ever charge for promo stuff covers the expenses to make it and any profit goes right back into producing more stuff for you. 

    How do I audition and/or get to be part of your troupe?

    This is one of the most common inquiries we get. Sadly the question is much like "How do I get to be part of 'Kids in the Hall'?", or "Can I join Bon Jovi?" (the latter is remarkably much easier than you'd think!).  We are luck to work with so many talented people who make our work look so good from their performances and craftsmanship; however the actual troupe itself purposely remains small as a core group of colleagues and friends who have worked together for many years.  We do not have "open call auditions" nor are we accepting applications or resumes for troupe members at this time.

    If comedy, especially improv, is something you are interested in being a part of...then please take a look at our "LaughCrafters: Classes".  Our programs have trained several people who went on to work professionally in theater, comedy, and the entertainment industry.  Troupe members Tommy Lynch, Jenny Taylor, and Devin Horan actually started off as Phantom Sheep workshop students many years ago.  We are not promising if you take our class you can join our troupe, but we often give our students performance opportunities to showcase their skills in "LaughCrafters" throughout the year.

    PLEASE do not solicit resumes or otherwise beg for work (acting, comedy, voice-overs, production) through our website unless specifically directed. 
    Any related audition or business opportunity will be advertised with the proper schedule and application process as they arise.  If you are a professional who wants to use our services in a collaboration, please submit us a proposal.

    ...or do you really mean-" Hey, I'm into comedy too!  Let's collab! I want to jam with you and join you on stage! Give me my big break!"
    This has been a common request and we do appreciate the enthusiasm.  If we had the fool-proof secret to success, we'd all be rich and famous.  Most of us studied and practiced professionally for years and value the integrity of the process and the relationships we've built.  Our advice besides what's listed above is: research, be educated, have patience and passion...and immerse yourself in the environment at open-mics, as an intern, attend shows, workshops, whatever. Above all, do it because you love it and not to get rich and famous. 
    If you want to check out other helpful sites, go to our fun and related links page.

    How can I get Phantom Sheep shows, workshops, performers at my theater, library, school, venue, park, club, network, etc.?
    The first step is to CONTACT US ! Send us an email! Tell us more about your group, venue, event, and what you're looking for.
    We can then send you any information you need including proposals, bids, pricing guides, or chat directly about the opportunity to work together. If you are in charge of coordinating shows or talent... we want to meet and talk with you!

    Need further information?
    Any Questions, Comments, Phan-mail?


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