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The Phantom Sheep Players  gather to provide
 "one fast paced brilliant show...based on audience involvement"!

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"You and your partners have combined the flavor of "Saturday Night Live", Second City, and
"Laugh In" and put it all together to make your own unique style of comedy.
...Keep the laughter coming!"-PCTV's B-Mile, Producer

The troupe boasts over 225 scripted sketches produced
and countless improvised scenes!

Phantom Sheep's LaughCrafters:Comedy Improv
Summer Kick-off Show!

Springfield JCC  Wednesday June 22nd 7PM
Only $8 Adults/ $5 students   413-739-4715 for tickets!
  More details
Another Public Show at the JCC coming this fall!


                                                          Holiday Show
Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Holiday Show! Sketches and clips are now online!
We return to the Agawam Library with this tradition each December! A free performance of sketches and live improv to celebrate with the community!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the summer dinner theater series
Comedy Improv Night! A lot of money was raised for the Arts at the JCC!
 We were thrilled to be part of "Improvaganza" for 3 years so far!
Playhouse on Park Theater, West Hartford, CT
Thank you to the audience and other troupes who shared the night with us!
Check out clips on our Youtube channel.
LAUGHCRAFTERS  shows & workshops  are available to hire for schools, libraries, special events, festivals, parties, & more! 
Book your special event

YOUTUBECheck out our You Tube Channel filled with sketches and live improv clips!

With over 15 years of professional experience teaching 
people of all ages, kids, teens, and adults.

  • PJARThantom Sheep has teamed up with the Springfield JCC to offer classes in comedy and acting for all ages! New Young Adults classes starting!  More details.
  • JCC Class
  • Fall 2015: started teaching a weekly improv class at Duggan Middle School in Springfield, MA
  • Workshops return to local libraries in 2016! Click here for upcoming workshops and classes.
  • Agawam Article covering Library workshop and show
  • Thank you letter from Abington Library

  • Contact us now for info on how to get 
    affordable classes & workshops for your
    school, library, or group

    Phantom Sheep Players
  • Eric Boucher
  • Tommy Lynch
  • Jesse Redmond
  • Greg Seymour
  • Jeff Tingley
  • Kevin Zabawa

    Debbie Boucher
    Krista Brueno


    The Phantom Sheep Players obviously enjoy what they do on stage and know how to include the audience in that fun. High quality scenes and comedy without high cost.  Games and scenes are all based on audience suggestions in this unique and innovative experience perfect for your group!   Each show is original and full of laughs enjoyed by the audience that is part of crafting the tone and humor alongside our players in a fast paced interactive performance!   Proven experience entertaining all age groups and can be targeted to teens, young adults, colleges, and even family audiences. 
    Great for special events, festivals, theater engagements, schools, libraries, and more!

    Price Range: $375-1200; Can be 30-100 minutes long... and can be combined with a workshop!
    Ticket split options also available for theaters and fund raising opportunities.
    • what is needed: stage area at least 12'x12', an audience, electricity, 4-6 chairs for stage, general stage/room lighting (prefer access to blackouts)
    • what we bring: music, props, bells, whistles, music, clipboards, props, paper, pens, sound system if needed, tech crew if needed, and our talented ensemble of experienced performers ready to rock! 
    “I’ve seen a lot of other groups before…it was nice to see good improv again”
    DJ Daniel Sevelt

    "Thank you!  That was the most exciting Friday night I've had in a long guys are awesome!"
    - Jason Y., after seeing his first LaughCrafters Show.

    “The Phantom Sheep are the funniest and most original improv act I have ever seen. 
    These guys are pros! ”

    -Eric Kenney,
    owner of Capos Cafe
    (regular venue of LaughCrafters jam shows for over 5 years)


    "My friends absolutely loved the show last night...that's all they talked about at dinner afterward and again today"
    - Catie S., audience member

    "[our group] had a great time last night and really enjoyed your performance.  I think you tailored the program to the audience well...I couldn't think of a thing to change"- Ken, ESMW

    Using performance warm-up exercises with games that make you think quickly, word play, and create characters, we help train your group and give them the chance to perform funny scenes themselves. Quick encouraging critiques accompany plenty of "hands-on-on-stage" interactive experience opportunity for each member of your group. Great for both theater students, aspiring actors, writers, or anyone of any age interested in team building, boosting self-confidence, improving communication, or just looking for a great way to relax, laugh, and have fun!

    We are experienced entertaining and working with all age groups including teens and young adults along with family audiences.
    Everything is always taught in an honest, encouraging and supportive atmosphere.
    Participants are always in awe of the skills and amazed at their own talents as everyone has a fun time!

    Individual Pricing: $25-$125 (depending on # of classes and membership/alumni discounts)
    Click here for public classes currently going on.

    Phantom Sheep Comedy School can also come to you!

    Workshops are typically 2 hours and can range from 90 minutes, a whole afternoon, or a scheduled series of regular's up to you and your group!
    • Group Price Range: $350 (local non-profits)- 1850 (corporate events or semester series).
    • What is needed: 5 to 50+ students, an open space with ample room to move around.
    • What we bring: our bells and whistles, our loaded clipboards, a filled tested full itinerary, props, educational paper handouts, and our experienced comedy educated staff ready to teach and have fun!
    Workshops specializing in clowning character skills, balloon sculpture, acting, and puppetry also available.

    "Thank you for sharing the LaughCrafters Comedy Improv with our young adults... it was a very successful program.
    We appreciate all your hard work and would welcome the opportunity to have you back again.
    Thank you for bringing such a wonderful program to our library."
    - Deborah, Director, Abington Library.

    "IT'S A BLAST!!!  This is the most fun I've ever had, and I feel that I'm
    learning important skills.  I feel more confident about myself, and I know
    that I can thank Improv for that.  Plus I've made some new friends."  -Jennifer

    "I HIGHLY recommend it! Great class, great teachers,
    AMAZING experience! Don't miss this class!!!"
    - Randy

    “Overall, [our class] got to know each other better, and felt comfortable working with themselves and each other.
    They also learned how to think faster on their feet.”- Andru, WSH improv workshop student

    "...we had a great time!  We learned so much about how to feel comfortable and confident in front of a group
    and how to make improvisation fun and entertaining! Again, thank you for a wonderful experience!"
    -Sarah, PSP@ASA improv workshop student

    Workshops and Classes are available with any show package or special arrangement.
      Custom stand-up performances and
    Emcee services
      are also available!

    For booking or more info:
    Contact us now!

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