Special "Christmas Bonus" 
Limited Edition Special DVD 
A collection of sketches produced during the year and including a few brand new ones created just for the holidays now all available on one disc!
Originally this "Christmas Bonus" DVD was created as a gift for troupe close friends and family. Back by popular demand and 
keep to our roots of 10+ years of holiday shows, we made extra copies available for our fans!

Check out our YouTube Channel for some sneak peak clips of sketches, some featured in this show!
Don't miss the previous shows also being aired on Amherst area Cable Ch.12!
"I just watched your Laughcrafters Holiday Show and found it to be hysterical.  You and your partners have combined the flavor of Saturday Night Live, Second City, and Laugh In and put it all together to make your own unique style of comedy....Keep the laughter coming!"-PCTV's B-Mile, Producer


When will the DVD be available?
Right now we have a few copies of 2011, 2012, and 2013 available along with other cheap swag. A Best of Christmas Compilation is currently in the works.
We have a few copies of 2011 and copies of brand new 2012 available along with other cheap swag.
Some will also be available at our free public performance of LaughCrafters Improv! (go to and like our Facebook page for more info and to RSVP)

How long is it?
Each one is at least 30 minutes long for the main feature with over 30 minutes of bonus content including clips of live shows, gag reels, and more.

What bonus features are included?
We plan on including an awesome gag reel, clips from live performance, Halloween, Easter, and Election sketches, and a sketch rehearsal.

How much will it cost and how will I get my copy?
We always keep the price affordable. CLICK HERE FOR THE CURRENT ONLINE SPECIALS!

What if I'm having trouble playing my dvd copy?
Do not fret...most people never experience problems.  First make sure your disc is free of smudges and that your player is clean.  Also check to see if it plays in another player or computer if possible.  If all else fails, we are happy to replace any possible bad copies with a working one at no extra cost.

Who is the cast?
The show is written and performed by PSP Troupe members Eric Boucher, Tommy Lynch, Jesse Redmond, Jenny Taylor, Jeff Tingley, Greg Seymour, and Kevin Zabawa. This same small group did all the writing, performing, directing, voice-overs, art, and even post-production..

Is this being aired on TV?
Amherst Community Cable sometimes still runs our previous Holiday shows. We are also compiling a shorter version of this show for other local cable. You can also see some of the sketches on our Youtube Channel.

Aren't these just the sketches I can watch for free online?
Many are, yes. However there are also a few sketches that have never been released before including some created just for this DVD. Plus you have the convenience of having all the sketches on one nice disc to watch together with friends without annoying buffering.  Not to mention the cool bonus features like a gag reel.

What is the rating/age reccomendation?/ Is it "dirty"?
We are proud to not play "cheap" or "blue" and we don't consider ourselves "hardcore" to be "shocking"; but this is for a teen/adult audience as it contains social satire, parody, and some "mature" innuendo.  If we were to give it a safe rating, it'd probably be TV-14.  There is no nudity and we avoid the FCC forbidden words. The special features however are uncensored, especially the gag reel which contains some cursing.

If you have a question you'd like answered, please contact us!

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