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2005 Special Archive!
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Check out an improv/sketch clip from 2005's special online!
Check out an improv/sketch clip from 2005's special online!
Behind the Scenes Pics and FAQ!

Congrats to Catie Smith!
The winner of our online drawing for 
the free sneak peak copy!

Shooting the popular "Sellvation Army" piece 
updated for video!

Jeff and Eric reprise their roles in a sketch originated on stage last year.

Tommy and Justin discuss their new roles...or new love.

Tommy's kooky character enters

Seymour sets up the shot

Jeff and Eric

Seymour behind the camera

Brian takes on a role originated by Jenny

Brian preparing for another cameo

Tommy slips Epstein into the scene

Tommy rehearses "Christmas Carol"

Eppenbexx gets ready to rock

Tommy and Brian rehearse newscast

Tommy entertains with Grizz between takes
Bobby Blades, Kyp Wylde, and Sister Shotgun
realize the true meaning of Christmas
Eric and Jeff get ready for a Christmas poem

Tommy goes over his lines. 
(wait until you see his real costume)

Eppenbexx prepare for their album photoshoot

Eric on the monitor

Mayhem Mistletoe 2005!

Jeff as a Frosty follower

Seymour, Jeff, and Eric
prepping Mr.Sheep & Grizz for their appearance

Interviewing Frosty's employer

"North Pole" new soap opera (above)
Elf camera man and Director DT look on (right)

Tommy and Justin as
"The Good Ole Country Boys!"
(Above) Santa up on the rooftop
(center) Tommy ready for action.
(right) Brian & Tommy final day of shooting
(above) Seymour edits the "Dear Santa" segways. (right) Eric watches the monitor and adds the bell to sync for the Sellvation Army sketch.


When will the DVD be available?
After several weeks of filming and post-production, we are proud to announce this new project is finally available and looks great! We think the wait was well worth it and this project has so far greatly exceeded expectations.
How long is this thing?
The main feature running time is aprox. 1 hr 25 min. and includes over 20 sketches and scenes!  This does not include the cool bonus stocking stuffers which probably adds another 20-30 minutes of material.  Quite a lot of comedy for a great low price.
What bonus features will be included?
We are proud and excited to have a bunch of bonus stuff to include!  Things we are planning include Cast Bios, clips of other live improv shows we've done in the past year, including last year's holiday show on stage, A special message from troupe member Jenny in Utah, Special Thanks to PSP alumni, Gag Reel, and even... oh yes...scene selection!
How much will it cost and how will I get my copy?
In the spirit of keeping our Holiday Shows cheap for our fans, we want to keep the price at $11 mostly to cover costs. There is also a discount for SFNE and PSP alumni. Payments will be accepted via Paypal, check, or cash. Orders are still being taken online, phone, or in person if you happen to run into a troupe member. We will ship them via mail or you can get a copy in person if we see you.   The DVD's will also be available for sale at Phoenix Gaming Store in Sunderland. If you are interested in being a vendor, please contact us!
What if I'm having trouble playing my dvd copy?
We have assembled a quick "technical support" guide on our blog. However, do not fret...most people have experienced no problems.
If all else fails, we will be happy to replace any possible bad copies with a working one at no extra cost.
What characters and sketches are expected?
You will see your favorites such as Mayhem Mistletoe, EpenBexx, The Good Ole Country Boys, and of course the Sheep.  We have also gone back to a few of our favorite sketches from holiday show pasts and had them reworked and performed for video.  There is also several improvised scenes. We also took suggestions submitted from our fans online and draw them randomly on camera for several improv games. There is also plenty of new material, new characters, and surprises.
Who is the cast?
The show is written and performed by PSP Troupe members Eric Boucher, Tommy Lynch, Jeff Tingley, and Justin Alaimo with featured players Brian Lepine and Greg Seymour.  There is even a cameos from Greg Boucher as Kyp Wylde!
What is the rating/age reccomendation?/ Is it "dirty"?
We tend to not play cheap, crude, or "blue", but this show does contain a lot of political and social satire, parody, some inuendo, and "mature" content. Its not "Hard-core-Look how controversial we can be"...its just clever satirical sketch stuff that is funny. There is no nudity and most of the rare naughty language that happens will likely be bleeped.  Please note that some of our family theme park show characters such as Slappy and Grizz appear, but in sketches aimed at older audiences. The material will be like most of our other holiday shows in the past, or as you'd see on late-night television such as SNL, Conan, or other sketch shows.  Parental guidance is reccomended. We think a teenage audience and older would be appropriate, but you know your kids better.
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