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Edition is still available!
(FAQ and Sneak Peak Pics below)

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Congratulations to Jim Taylor of Easthampton, winner of our free dvd contest!
Jim's review: "it's flippin' hilarious!...If you don't have one, GET ONE!. My favorite part is, well, I'd have to say there were two: Jeff's interpretive dance to The Nutcracker, and of course the Mad Money one(the stock ticker on the bottom was also funny..."
Tommy personally delivers Jim his free copy of the dvd!

(UPDATED- 12/17/06. More coming soon, keep checking back):
Mayhem Mistletoe

"Its a Wonderful Life, Grizz" (part of cold open)
More from the cold open shoot
"Law & Order-Caroling Crew"

"Office Party" 
Christmas with the Cramers...booya!
(above)Grizz shouts out his window.
(below) Jeff ready to tape Grizz

Grizz gets ready for his performance


Grizz makes his entrance

(above) Living Nativity actors drama
(left) Slice of Life Secret Santa Family
EpnebexX become Mall Santa helpers
Some screen grabs while still in post-production. 

(sometimes you just don't ask)

When will the DVD be available?
RIGHT NOW!  Online orders are usually confirmed within 24 hrs and delivered within 48 hrs if local to Springfield, MA, otherwise expect to have it within a week or less.  You can also buy copies at Fettes Wine & Spirits and Blue Moon Roasters in Springfield until February!

How long is it?
The main feature is 1 hr 22 minutes! (not counting over 11 min in bonus material).  It includes over 20 sketches, improv scenes, and more!

What bonus features will be included?
There are clips from past stage shows, gag reel, cast bios, and a cut sketch "Christmas Carol-too hot for TV"..

How much will it cost and how will I get my copy?
In the spirit of keeping our Holiday Shows affordable for people, we want to keep the price at $10 mostly to cover costs (includes delivery). There is also a discount for SFNE and PSP alumni. Payments will be accepted via Paypal, check, or cash. Orders are being taken online, phone, or in person if you happen to run into a troupe member.  Your copy will be delivered to you.  If you live locally, you can contact us for special arrangements.
NEW- Copies of the DVD will also be sold in Springfield at Blue Moon Cafe, 715 Sumner Ave, and Fettes Wines & Spirits, 576 Page Boulevard.

Will you sign it?
We are not that skilled in ASL, but if you really want, we'll autograph it for you.  Just make note under "special instructions" when placing your order online or via email. And if you see any of us in person and you got a pen, we'll play celebrity for a minute and scribble on it for you.

What if I'm having trouble playing my dvd copy?
Do not fret...most people never experience problems.  First make sure your disc is free of smudges and that your player is clean. If all else fails, we will be happy to replace any possible bad copies with a working one at no extra cost.  You will also be happy to know, this year lots of technical stuff involved in the audio and video production have been significantly improved and the quality looks great!

What characters and sketches are expected?
You will see your favorites such as Mayhem Mistletoe, EpenbexX, and of course the Sheep.  There is also a bunch of new characters and sketches created just for the dvd.   There is also several improvised scenes from which suggestions were taken from fans online.  We also skewer pop-culture things like Mad Money, MTV's Yo Mama, and slice of life fun like Secret Santas and office parties.

What's with the drag?
Someone has to play all the required female characters and since she's in Utah, Jenny's missing out on some great roles.

Are there puppets!?
Only really in the cold open for our movie parody medley. Altho, it is a Phantom Sheep, so who knows when it shows up. However, this is not one of our family puppet shows at all.

Who is the cast?
The show is written and performed by PSP Troupe members Eric Boucher, Tommy Lynch, Jeff Tingley, with featured players Brian Lepine, Greg Seymour, and Kevin Zabawa.  There is also a cameo from Greg Boucher as Kyp Wylde!  Unfortunately, Jenny and Justin are not scheduled to appear in this year's special due to other commitments, but may briefly appear in special features.

Can I still order last year's if I missed it?
Yes, while supplies last. Just make note when ordering this year's copy, which you won't want to miss.

Is this being aired on TV?
Amherst Community Cable has been showing last year's show. They will also be showing this year's too! Check out MySpace blog for scheduled listings. The cablecasted shows also won't have everything the dvd has in it.

What is the rating/age reccomendation?/ Is it "dirty"?
We are proud ot not play "cheap" or "blue" and we don't consider ourselves "hardcore" to be "shocking"; but this is for a teen/adult audience as it contains social satire, parody, and some "mature" inuendo.  If we were to give it a safe rating, it'd probably be TV-14.  There is no nudity and we avoid the FCC forbidden words.

If you have a question you'd like answered, please contact us!

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