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2008 Special is now in pre-production!

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Limited copies of the 2007 special 
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"05-06 Fan/Troupe Favorite Highlights
New compilation disc with all new troupe commentary!
Some recent reviews:
"The 2007 Holiday DVD is easily the most cleverly conceived of the three DVD's produced thus far. Everyone puts up hilarious performances and the concepts are just extremely clever (sorry for using 'clever' twice, but it's the best way to describe it). The Three Wisemen/Stooges meets the Marx Brothers was downright genius, but with that, I'm not discrediting the rest of the acts. Look for the Tommy Lynch "Ooo Carolers!" clips... they'll blow your mind. Awesome job everyone, thanks for the laughs."-Chris G.

"Just watched the '07 DVD, and its amazingly done. My favorite parts were the Geek Alphabet (it was especially funny because a few times I guessed correctly what the next letter would be, beacuse I too, am a geek.) and the skit with Racheal Ray and Julia Childs. The humor is delightfully inapproriate, and certainly put me in mood for christmas."-Rachel L

Sneak peak pictures and trailer below....
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Click here for information and behind the scenes on our 2005 Special.

(UPDATED- 12/17/07. Yes...these all are from the same show! 2008 photos coming soon!):

The writing commences!

Jeff getting old

Cue the brick
"Clem, we have big plans for you and your poem"

Giving Scrooge some nice drapes

Nice dinner conversation

(above) Rehearsing "wisemen" inside before
freezing our butts off outside on tape (left and below)

Tommy waits to perform
Kyp and Seymour do an insurance ad

Seymour finds out what its like to be in Jeff's trunk for this tight shot.
Eric directs Rachel and Julia's fight sequence
Duct taping the girls so they are secure to do battle.

Slappy, Santa, and the Stamos cameo!

Setting up the lights for the welcome

Zippy and Eric plant their tree.
(above and left) setting up the interior car shots.
(right) Seymour with his standin for the exterior shots.

Even Christmas Carol returns for a cameo!

Filiming the advent calendar grdoors opening/closing with Seymour's hand.

A screen grab from the Cyber Monday sketch

The finished product ready for you!

The following information is regarding the 2007 show.

When will the DVD be available?
All pre-orders receive their copies plenty in time for Christmas. You may also buy copies in person at Fettes Wine & Spirits in Springfield for a limited time. You can still order your copy online right now!
(The new 2008 edition is currently in pre-production and expected to be released early December)

How long is it?
There is over an hour of all new sketches, scenes, some improv, and more! Plus there is also additional bonus material including clips of live shows and a gag outtake reel.

What bonus features will be included?
Although still being decided, expect clips from live stage shows, gag reel, cast bios, and more.

How much will it cost and how will I get my copy?

Will you sign it?
We are not that skilled in ASL, but if you really want, we'll autograph it for you.  Just make note under "special instructions" when placing your order online or via email. And if you see any of us in person and you got a pen, we'll play celebrity for a minute and scribble on it for you.

What if I'm having trouble playing my dvd copy?
Do not fret...most people never experience problems.  First make sure your disc is free of smudges and that your player is clean. If all else fails, we will be happy to replace any possible bad copies with a working one at no extra cost.

What characters and sketches are expected?
You can expect to see sketches or at least cameos from many of your favorite characters, including the sheep itself. There are mad scientists, soccer moms, carolers, rock and rollers, wisemen, santas, grandparents, celebrity chefs, and so much more all played by the same small team of repertoire players all in one fast paced crazy show.  Plus, there is plenty of new sketches and characters being created just for this show! Expect to see a variety of things skewered from pop-culture to slice of life, many themed around the holidays.  Keep checking back here and in our blog (join and subscribe!) for sneak peaks as we shoot footage!

Is this high quality big budget hollywood explosion movie making!? Heck, No. Although all of the talent featured are working writers and performers each with over a decade of professional experience, we try to keep this as low budget as possible to keep the cost down and material fast and fresh for many people to enjoy each year in our annual tradition of sharing the gift of laughter.  It is much better than half the things you'd see on the internet and twice as original and funny.

How long do you spend producing the show? Each year we typically spend about 6 full days of shooting and another week of editting. Prior to that is a couple weeks of writing and pitching ideas of what we want to put in the show.  Prior to that is a year of improv shows, rehearsals, and jamming that feed the creative process.  We try keeping the entire production as close to the holiday season as possible for the right mood, atmosphere, and freshness as if it was a live show.

What's with the drag?
We are secure enough to do such things for theater!  Someone has to play all the required female characters and since Jenny's in Utah, she is missing out on some great roles.

Are there puppets!?
Our favorite duo may show up in random locations. It is a Phantom Sheep, so who knows when it shows up. However, this is not one of our family puppet shows at all.

Who is the cast?
The show is written and performed by PSP Troupe members Eric Boucher, Tommy Lynch, Jeff Tingley, Greg Seymour, and Kevin Zabawa along with a cameo by Greg Boucher as Kyp Wylde. This same small group did all the writing, performing, voice-overs, art, and even post-production..

Can I still order last year's if I missed it?
We have a very limited supply left of past year's, but if you act fast we may be able to get you copy.  We also highly reccomend our new "Highlight" dvd special for some of our favorite sketches and scenes from the 05-06 season which is  now available and even features troupe commentary along with several scenes being remastered and touched up!

Is this being aired on TV?
Yes! Amherst Community Cable is excited to air our shows again on Channel 12 in the Amherst/Pelham area including the Best of 05-06 and the 2007 special. Times TBA (if you see it on the air, let us know!) However, the cablecasted shows won't have everything the dvd has in it.
Also, don't miss our new teaser trailer now online!   We have also just released additional clips at our Facebook Fan Group.

What is the rating/age reccomendation?/ Is it "dirty"?
We are proud ot not play "cheap" or "blue" and we don't consider ourselves "hardcore" to be "shocking"; but this is for a teen/adult audience as it contains social satire, parody, and some "mature" inuendo.  If we were to give it a safe rating, it'd probably be TV-14.  There is no nudity and we avoid the FCC forbidden words.

If you have a question you'd like answered, please contact us!

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