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"I just watched your Laughcrafters Holiday Show and found it to be hysterical.  You and your partners have combined the flavor of Saturday Night Live, Second City, and Laugh In and put it all together to make your own unique style of comedy....Keep the laughter coming!"-PCTV's B-Mile, Producer
Check out our YouTube Channel for some sneak peak clips of sketches, some featured in this show!

Pictures from the live improv set at the 2009 screening event:

WARNING: SPOILER ALERTS Click here to skip to FAQ
Candids from the video production taping (Yes, these are all from the same show):

Above: in the edit suite pulling it all together.
Right: planning the line up of the show.


When will the DVD be available?
RIGHT NOW!. You can order your copy online for a limited time with some amazing deals!

How long is it?
The main feature is approx. 62 minutes long with over 22 all new original sketches, scenes, some improv, and over 20 minutes in bonus features!

What bonus features will be included?
We plan on including an awesome gag reel, clip from live performance, extra letters from Santa, commentary on a 2009 sketch and a bonus 2008 sketch!

How much will it cost and how will I get my copy?
We always keep the price affordable. CLICK HERE FOR THE CURRENT ONLINE SPECIALS!

What if I'm having trouble playing my dvd copy?
Do not fret...most people never experience problems.  First make sure your disc is free of smudges and that your player is clean.  Also check to see if it plays in another player or computer if possible.  If all else fails, we are happy to replace any possible bad copies with a working one at no extra cost.

What characters and sketches are expected?
You can expect to see sketches or at least cameos from many of your favorite characters including Dr.Slappy Von Slime, Christmas Carol, Grizz, The Sheep, Scrooge, Recliner Phil, and many more...along with lots of new characters.

Is this super big budget hollywood explosion movie making!?
Heck, No. But it is damn good and well done. Although all of the talent featured are working writers, performers, and producers each with over a decade of professional experience together and degrees in broadcast productions, film, and theater, we do try to keep this as low budget as possible to keep the cost down for many people to enjoy each year in our annual tradition.  It is much better than most of the things you'd see on the internet and twice as original and funny.

How long do you spend producing the show?
Each year we typically spend about 6-7 full days of shooting and another full week of editting. Prior to that is a couple weeks of writing and pitching ideas of what we want to put in the show.  Prior to that is a year of improv shows, rehearsals, and jamming that feed the creative process.  We try keeping the entire production as close to the holiday season as possible for the right mood, atmosphere, and freshness as if it was a live show.   This year we have also shot a few sketches earlier in the year to include so that it's more of a year-round celebration of comedy.

What's with the drag?
We are secure enough to do such things for theater!  While Jenny was away in Utah, someone had to play all these great female roles....but now that she's back, um, er,...we shall not be limited!

Are there puppets!?
Our favorite duo may show up in random locations. It is a Phantom Sheep, so who knows when it shows up. However, this is NOT one of our family puppet shows that you may've seen in a theme park at all.

Who is the cast?
The show is written and performed by PSP Troupe members Eric Boucher, Tommy Lynch, Jenny Taylor, Jeff Tingley, Greg Seymour, and Kevin Zabawa. This same small group did all the writing, performing, directing, voice-overs, art, and even post-production..

Can I still order last year's if I missed it?
We have a very limited supply left of past year's, but if you act fast we may be able to get you copy.

Are you having a public screening?
By popular demand, we have arranged to have a free public screening for all our friends and fans at the Agawam Public Library a few days before Christmas on Monday Dec.21st!  The troupe will be there and also perform a few improv scenes and sketches live. We want as many people to attend; but it'd be great if you still bought a dvd as a souvenir to help support the project.

Is this being aired on TV?
Yes! Amherst Community Cable is excited to air our shows again on Channel 12 in the Amherst/Pelham area including 2007 and 2008 special. However, the cablecasted shows won't have everything the dvd has in it.  We have also just released additional clips at our Facebook Fan Group.

What is the rating/age reccomendation?/ Is it "dirty"?
We are proud to not play "cheap" or "blue" and we don't consider ourselves "hardcore" to be "shocking"; but this is for a teen/adult audience as it contains social satire, parody, and some "mature" inuendo.  If we were to give it a safe rating, it'd probably be TV-14.  There is no nudity and we avoid the FCC forbidden words.

If you have a question you'd like answered, please contact us!

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