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Fun & Related Links

By Popular demand, here is our list of cool places that
you may find as useful reference material!

Entertainment Trade Mags & Jobs:
  • BackStage Casting
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Hollywood Reporter
  • Variety
    Comedy & Improv Links!
  • Improv Resource Encyclopedia
  • The Improv Page! (a GREAT efficient Site!)
  • Improv Across America (troupe and show database)
  • (great source for troupes)
  • Skits & Giggles Productions(founded by PSP troupe member Greg Seymour)
  • Theater Seat Store (great overall resource)
  • Student Valley Productions (UMASS)
  • Improv Boston
  • The Goundlings
  • Second City
  • Saturday Night Live
  • ImrovOlympics!("Herald"/long form improv experts!)
  • - Art Links
  • Phantom Sheep Players on "Funny or Die"
  • Phantom Sheep YouTube Channel

  • Phantom Sheep Players on Facebook



     improv Top 50

    Theme Park related:
  • Entertainment Magic (home of friend David Garrity)
  • Six Flags Official Website
  • SilverTree Productions
  • Screamscape: Ultimate Guide to Theme Parks & Theme Park Rumors
  • AV Imagineering (laser shows)
  • Water Ski Shows Inc. (stunt shows)
  • Six Flags New England

  • The Puppetry Homepage
  • Puppet Partners (source used in PWP)
  • Puppet Portal
  • Puppetorium
  • Cool Muppets Page!

  • Schools:
  • Hampshire Regional High
  • Westfield State College
  • Westfield's State's Communication Department
  • UMASS Lowell
  • UMASS Amherst
  • UMASS aux services (sponsor of MealLionaire)
  • Holyoke Community College
  • Summer Institute for the Gifted
  • Academic Studies Associates

  • Shopping:
  • Think Geek (for people like us)
  • (As if you don't know this one)
  • SLD Lighting (Lighting, sound, and special effects supplier based in NY)
  • PSP Swag Shop Cool Stuff! (hmmmm, sounds good to me!)

    Town & Travel
  • Metro North (our preferred way to travel in and out of NYC)
  • (Arts reference site for the Northampton, MA area)
  • (Western MA listings for Arts & Events and other news)
  • The Valley (online guide to dining in the Pioneer Valley)
  • Agawam Library
  • Westfield Anthenaeum
    Misc. Fun and Related Links:

  • The Onion (the best satire newspaper)
  • There I Fixed it! 
  • The Quotations Page (for inspiration, cynism, and words of wisdom)
  • The Naked Dancing Llama for President!
    The Onion

                    The Naked Dancing Llama Fan Club!

    Friends of the Phantom Sheep
  • Drama Ties: co-producer of international touring version of "Verdict of Sorcery"
  • PSP's jefftingley's own webcomic
  • Megan Duffy, actress,
  • David Garrity: magic consultant,
  • PSP's Greg Seymour, technician, film writer/director, interesting guy featuring his own webcomic "22 Things..."- Skits and Giggle productions
  • Carla Tome, performance artist; Soundstage Theater tech-Carla's Website
  • Epenbexx
  • PSP Myspace Blog
  • PSP Friends and Fans Facebook Page
  • And Don't Forget your Friends at
    Phantom Sheep Comedy Productions
    -Always the First people to ask!

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