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        A brief explanation of common questions asked of
"Let's Make A Scary Movie-Take 2!"
caution: some of the following may contain spoilers to the show's surprises
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"What is the origin of LMASM?"
The PSP show is based very loosely on a similar show by the same name that was performed at Riverside Park in the fall of 1995. (at the time, Eric and Zippy were writing/performing PuppetWorks GhostTime Follies). It was performed by comedian Bob Carroll and clown/stand-up/friend Jonathan Wilkenson.  In this show, Bob played a mad scientist who wanted to explore how movies were made and used about 3-4 kids from the audience to bring a monster (Wilkenson) to life.  One kid played the actor, and the rest did foley sound effects (much like the PSP version sound team). There were two ushers dressed as nurses who assisted the host with the kids and props (now the PA(Greg) and now an actual character).  The entire show lasted about 5-10 minutes and had no real script.
In 1997, PSP was looking to produce another family show alongside Puppetworks for Riverside's Hallowscream and brought up the idea of revamping the LMASM concept since it was so easy.  As we started production on it, we realized how much we could do with it and make some really solid characters and interaction.  Making the host the director, the usher an actual production assistant, and creating more jobs and a bigger cast of kids, PSP's goal was to create the illusion that this team arrived on location to create movie madness.  It was also our goal to make the monster transformation more of a surprise and illusion.
The only things that are the similar to the 1995 LMASM is: the Title, a kid uses a thunder sheet, a monster appears at the end, and the kids audition reading a card that says "its alive".  All the jokes, dialogue, props, word play, and characters are completely PSP original.

"Who/Why DT?"

  • We knew that the director would have to be called something with initials and also have a silly fun name.  This would also allow for all the studio schmoozing word play.
  • DT stands for Dewey Thomas, taken from our friends Dewey Beene Jr. and Mr.Dave Thomas at Silvertree Productions (the summer of 1997 was also our first season working with them, so these new people stuck in our minds).
  • DT also sounds like "Deity", as in "God-like"....which is a nice motivation for the director character.
  • The full name of the character is Dewey Thomas Jones (as in Tom Jones) to give more of a Francis Ford Coppola feel and also to foreshadow the Tom Jones surprise ending (btw, Steve Deluco, the first DT was a HUGE Tom Jones fan and that ending was given as a reward to him for doing the show). As a tribute, the name "Dewey Thomas Jones" also appears on a trophy in the park's Rockville Gymnasium Theater. (there is also a trophy that has the Phantom Sheep and Grizz listed on it)
  • In the new version of the show, we changed the name to Dewey Thomas Everyhoen, in reference to current DT, Thomas Lynch's nickname "Tommy Lynch Everyone". Six Flags was also celebrating Oktoberfest at the time of track production, so we added the german sound to hide the reference. However, the initials DTJ still appears on the clapboard seen on the show sign.



    "What is the difference between Take 2 and the original PSP LMASM?"

  • The first PSP LMASM was written in the voice of Steve Deluco.  When Kevin Crowley took over the part, he showed what other kind of character things we can do with it. In Take 2, we took that inspiration and totally rewrote from scratch the show with a more artistic and emotional DT character and also a more developed PA character (since Greg's original character was merely just an on-stage assistant to help with props and kids and act silly, but over the years, he developed it nicely with lots of new material and interaction.  In Take 2, he has more motivation).
  • We also created a new position of "Set Designer", which focusses on a bit that we have been wanted to try for a while.  the Set Deziner also fulfills all the necessary parts the old "Prop Master" had. Also added is a "script doctor" allowing more improv and audience interaction.  Yes, there still is ketchup, a stunt double, and the techpal....but most of it is more intertwined and used in different ways than before.  All the other existing positions have new interaction also.
  • There is also no crate or box illusion used.  The Set Deziner changed the focus to a painted canvas.
  • In Take 2, there is only two people in the cast.  We felt the 3rd person (who just played the monster) was under used.  One idea from last year was to make that monster person be a plant in the audience who kept desperately wanting to be in the movie, but always forgotten until the end when he appears as the monster.  In Take 2, we combined all those ideas with the PA to make Greg Boucher's character stronger.
  • All the props were also rebuilt (along with a major set piece) for the show.
  • There is more word play and audience interaction.
  • We did try to keep some of our favorite moments from the original; but when Take 2 first opened at Frightfest 2000, the show was nearly 40 minutes long.  This was too long for a theme park audience and also did not allow us to fit all 8 PSP performances in the theater that day.  Through workshopping the show a bit, we realized that the old parts were dragging down this new character and the flow of the show....although still very funny, we opted to cut those sections (ie: the cue card boy) to tighten the show.
  • Another note: The Phantom Sheep Players are now more true to the PSP humor. Steve Deluco and Kevin Crowley were great to work with; but with the addition of PSP improv workshop alum and Laughcrafter's guest player, Tommy Lynch as DT ...we are very excited about the strong soundstage theater ensemble.



    "Why "Take on Me"?"
    (warning: SPOILER)  We were still listening for something to replace the "Cast Party" music at the end of the show since we wanted to let the Tom Jones thing go.  Greg had this great 80's compilation CD as he and Eric were on their way to the library to research sound effects for the show.  At first, we thought this song by "AhHa" would be great for the cast party, but then as we kept replaying it, it just hit us to use it for the monster chase sequence.  Few reasons:

  • It has the upbeat fun feel to replace the Tom Jones silliness that is still needed to contrast the scary music after the warp.
  • The Monster's appearance could then be interpreted as a "drawing coming to life" as in the famous AhHA video.
  • The Chase sequence and ending is supposed to be a parody of "Scooby Doo". Every time there is a monster chase scene in Scooby Doo, some cheesy pop song with lyrics that have nothing to do with the scene is played.
  • We like "Take on Me" by Ahha. It's catchy and totally unexpected in a Frightfest show (always our goal with PSP!)



    "Who is the voice during the pre-show?"
    The "5 minutes" and "2 minutes" till show calls are done by PSP alum Kate Chaconas.
    Earlier in the pre-show music, there is random bullhorn callings heard faintly done by Eric Boucher.  (Eric also does the "clear the set" VO at the end of the show).  Some of the inside jokes that are said and overlapped in this theme setting sequence:

  • "SM to BP....Controller lower body missing"  (translation: Stage Manager to Brutal Planet, and haunted house character)
  • "Dave Garrity, the other half of your assistant has been found"
  • "JT to LT's" (Jeff Tingley to Looney Tunes)
  • "PSP prop box delivery on back gate"
  • "Mort Delivery in east graveyard"
  • "Rusty Locke, you have a call from Scott Yon" (both given names of our friend in LA)
  • "roll background music and standby on voice-overs"
  • "PWS cast please clear the set and standby. your showtime is in 45 minutes"
  • "Cue Q, Take 5"
  • "JT to the showers, please"
  • "standby on DT lunch, hold the ketchup"



    "What exactly does it say on the Resumes?"
    The oversized kid resumes that DT displays to audience are partly read, but also contain many inside jokes.
    They contain the following:
    Set DeZiner
    Experience: Alien Feast(the alien),  Exorcist to the Oldies (Richard's wardrobe), Fabios Rollercoaster Documentary (the goose), JurEggSick Peck (dino chickens), War Stars: special rendition (computer effects), Monsters of Rock, PuppetWorks SpookTacular I, II, III (set painting and design), Titanic, Mort's Moonlight Madness, Midnight Mansion.
    Special Skills: Duct taper, computer tech stuff, holding burgers, paste eater, bubble science, alienology, making funny faces.
    Education: Jim Carrey school of Overacting, Jeff Tingley school of Dance, Phantom Sheep Comedy Improv workshops, Stand-up by Tommy Lynch Everyone, Garrity Jedi Academy, Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten class.
    Accomplishments:  SFNE Service Superstar award, reaching the age of 4, Created joke out of sticks and clay, Baa-Man Thrill Spectacular stunt driver, Sidewalk Sorcery starring Jeff Tingley, Rode Foghorn Leghorn's Tinsel Town Train in Movietown.
    Hobbies: Coloring, making a mess, eating, sleeping, playing "gotch your nose", acting in scary movies.
    (and of course, on the back of the Actor's resume is the finger-painted headshot)

    "What other inside jokes are hidden in the show?"
    The "Mad Scientist" lab has several inside jokes painted on it including:

  • The books are labeled "The Mad Toast CookBook"(a specialty by tubby), "Irate Science 101", and "Castle Lurking by P.Sheep".
  • There is a "Diploma of Madness" signed by Eric and Jeff (who painted the scene)
  • There is an alien skull on the bench
  • The beaker measurements go to "11"

  • Other inside jokes/references:
  • Monsters of Rock was inspired off of Greg's 80's metal comic material. Also, the SFNE director of Ops loves to Rock!
  • The "blood" is always blue because its really disappearing ink so that we may use the articles for the next show.  When we ran out of Disappearing ink one day, we diluted some of the red water from the park's frightfest fountain and filled the ketchup bottle.
  • Our first attempt at the "Q" prop was made out of "Great Stuff" (an insulator that was also used to make the fake brain). It looked ridiculous, but usher/stagehand Melissa loved it and kept it.  She will often stand in the back of the audience and hold it up if Tommy is missing an important part of the script. (that's his "Cue/Q!") The "Q" joke was also inspired by Six Flag's Batman show famous line: "That's my Cue".
  • PA's mistakes with DT's name often refer to something else, and often something relevant to that moment. (ie: "McD" (McDonalds) & "BK" (Burger King) when ordering lunch) By the way, "SLC" refers to "Suspended Looping Coaster"...just a cheap reference to the Six Flags Mind Eraser. Sometimes Greg will just improvise some initials. One time, he slipped and called him "LSD" (the teenagers laughed).
  • The "Tape" does not really play, although the techpal does potentially really work.  All the techno mumbo jumbo DT says about the techpal is just a gibberish, but true, explanation of how any electrical sound equipment works.
  • The "Cast Party" music is the theme from "Laugh-In". The Post-Show music is "Daydream believer". Tommy is a huge Monkees fan (there is also another Monkee mention in the show) and even got Davy Jones' autograph at the park.
  • The "Set Designer"'s "Ruler" has the word "KING" on it (King=Ruler, get it?)
  • The comical crash heard when "Greg gets dizzy" is the same crash heard in PWS3 when Grizz is "avante garde" with his camcorder (the "VideoTechpal 2000V").
  • The Hollywood clapboard on the Phantom organ in the Soundstage Theater lobby is actually one Greg broke during the show last year when he clapped too hard.



    "How long is the show?/ where and when can I see it?"
    The show lasts approximately 20-25 minutes.  It premiered as part of Six Flags New England Frightfest 2000  It is performed 4 times a day each weekend thru October.(click here for showtimes). It is expected to be back for Frightfest 2001. This show is also available for outside bookings and can play to its full length of 40 minutes depending on the event. If you come visit the show, make sure to say "Hi" at the end and mention the website!  If you have already seen the show, say hello and give us some feedback!

    If you have an interesting question you'd like answered, just E-Mail us!

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