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A brief explanation of common questions asked of this popular PSP show
caution: some of the following info may destroy the character  world illusion
updated 8/23/06
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Who is the voice of ("character") and how is it recorded?
    It's no surprise that Eric Boucher (writer/director) is the voice of a few characters in this show. He does the voice of Count Nosefuratoo, Frank, and the pre-show/post-show announcements.  This is also Eric's first professional recording of him "singing".
    LMASM original cast alum Josh Placido came back to not only help star in the Monster Mash debut cast, but also lended his voice to the character of SarcastiGus!
    Helping add singing credibility to our scary voices was RadioActive/DMP alum, Mike Antico as the voice of Wolfie.
    Also making cameos in this show is PSP alumni  Kate Chaconas and Jeff Tingley as the "radio dial clips"

    The way the show is recorded is sorta tedious, but works thanks to the efforts and talents of PSP audio engineer Greg Boucher.  For this project, Greg mostly used a computer and professional software (an upgrade PSP made in 2001 for our spiel recordings).  In essence, this show was our "Episode 2" as it was our first fully digitally produced stage production.
    First, Eric gave a list of songs that were expected to be in the show and Greg hunted down the originals to be parodied.  Next Eric gave Greg the new sample lyrics and Greg assembled and created "Karaoke" tracks himself to be used in the show. With these tracks, we tweaked more lyrics and the voice talent rehearsed their characters.
    Over the next few days, we laid down the majority of voiceovers. For some pieces, all 3 actors would sing/act live and for some pieces just a scratch track was recorded for reference as the others laid in their masters.  Once all of Nosfuratoo's, Gus's, and Wolfie's lines were down, Eric went in thru the whole track to lay in Frank's lines and grunts.
    Soon after, Greg laid in the sound effects and during the blocking rehearsal process, the track was constantly tweaked and detailed. Overall this was quite an experience for us as it was really PSP's first "musical" production.

What exactly comes over Franks frequencies when they are crossed?
This great effect created by Greg was almost too realistic as many people thought something was really wrong with the sound system when Franks "wires get crossed" and other "stations" start to come in.
First we snuck the infamous Jeff Tingley in to mention "Air Rick Dees and today's Top40" (a reference to writer "Air-Rick" Boucher) Later our own Kate Chaconas makes a cameo warning people to "be wary of strange farm animals" (obviously a direct reference to the Phantom Sheep and the PuppetWorks SpookTacular). Between all that and the static,  there are clips to "Walk Like an Egyptian" (reference to Gus) and "Werewolf in London" (reference to Wolfie and a song once considered for the show).

What other inside jokes are in the show/developed into bits for the show?
Part of being an comedy troupe means that our interaction as friends often ends up as new material.  Some examples:

  • The "Be A Pepper too" bottle actually says "Pepper PhD" on the label. It also lists "spray paint, glue, and humor" as some of its ingredients.  (for the record, this is the one joke the cast didnt fully understand.....*sigh* today's youth!)
  • "Bobby Lagosi, Max Shriek, & Gary Youngman" mentioned by Count Nosefuratoo are play on names of famous actors who have played the Nosfuratu (Count Dracula). "Nose-furatoo is a cheap pun in reference to the character having a big nose and can sniff out fresh blood and him being a vampire (ala the "Nosferatu")
  • Gus's full name is "SarcastiGus", a pun of an Egyptian mummy tomb. His character is also supposed to be a bit of a wise cracker (ie:Sarcastic) and the coffin he enters from is holding a microphone to imply he used to be a bad stand-up comic in a past life.
  • Gus's coffin also has 2 sheep faces where classic Egyptian serpants would normally appear.
  • Gus's coffin has a shield on it with "Hyroglyphics" that semi-reads "E-R-I-C-*-P-S-P" as Eric's signature for drawing and painting this prop.
  • The background flat was initially used as a set piece when Eric played Dracula in 1995. The doors Nosefuratoo enters from are originally from the "Castle Rockula" 1996 set, Wolfie's Platform is originally from the 1999 Brutal Planet show, and the Bricks Franky busts thru are originally from Wayne Maynor in Six Flags' Batman show. (of course we did some painting and other customizing to make them fit the show).
  • There is a mock Movie Poster of the show hanging in the SoundStage Theater (home of PuppetWorks)
  • Nosefuratoo says the line "You were just an American...."(Wolfie howls)..."Werewolf in London" to the rythm of the classic song that was almost considered to be used in the show.
  • Nosefuratoo bites his wrist and pauses in honor of "RHPS" Tim Currays infamous vampire. The score to "Double Feature" from that movie is also used in the pre-show. (don't worry, there are no sexual aliens in this show).
  • A lot of the jokes, movement, and other material was created by the PSP improv troupe putting on some of the costume pieces and jumping around as the characters and interacting with each other.
  • Frank's line "Eat Now?" is a tribute to "Kubiak" in Eric's beloved sitcom "Parker Lewis Can't Lose".  During the mix, Greg lost Eric's original take this line, so to open the show on time, Greg recorded himself saying the line then altered the audio magic to make it match.... and no one noticed the difference until we corrected the mistake by the next show day.
  • The big light switch on Franks' back was donated by the DMP designer (Greg Trochlil of Chimera scenic company) when he ran by a copy of our script and imagined the power up/power down (btw, that sound effect comes from a video game and is also used in a layered effect in PWS3).
  • The offstage Wolfie "crash" is the same sound effect used in LMASM by the PA and by Grizz in PWS3.
  • During "Dancing in the Dark", Frank tries to give a little girl in the audience a flower ala the classic Frankenstein movie famous cliche scene. He then pulls the girl up and dances with here ala the class Bruce Springsteen video with Courtney Cox.  Frank also panics at the sound of "Fire" ala the same classic Frankenstein movie cliche.



    What is the difference between this and the other Monster Mash seen before at SFNE and other parks?
    Almost EVERYTHING!  The only thing alike is 3 of the costumes...that we also even customized and altered (the characters' names and identity changed too!). The concept, the script, the music, the voices, the dancing, the talent, etc.  is All original PSP and brand new!  When PSP was asked to create a new show for this stage with these characters....we totally scrapped and tossed everything used before and created a show based on what we personally like in musicals. We also tried to make the show strong enough to be done by face characters if necessary. And of course, the PSP philosophy meant that this family show had to appreciate the intelligence of children and create a show that is equally enjoyable for each member of the family.

    Where did you choose "song" for music?
    Our first goal was to make a show that appealed to the whole family and represent a genre from a variety of major demographics. Therefore, we made sure to include everything from 80's music, disco, and current pop.  We also tried to make a point of using timeless music to show how timeless these characters are and their need to make a comeback.  The other goal we set was to avoid doing "cliche Halloween songs" and to instead create new Halloween parodies based on other songs. Even though  the initial concept and plot of the show was first created, we then tried to pick out good songs before we actually designed the plot structure.


    How Long is the show/How long did it take to produce/When and Where can I see it?
    The show lasts approximately 22 minutes.  It is performed 4 times a day on weekends thru October at Six Flags New England.(Click Here for Show Times) On an average day, each show is usually played to a full house of almost 350 people.
    It is also expected to be back for several Frightfests to come, including other parks in the Six Flags chain!

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