Phantom Sheep Comedy Productions
Proudly Presents....


There are stars to be made and box offices to break....Witness movie making magic and even be part of the picture as our production team
creates the next summer blockbuster with your involvement!
Plenty of comedy and chaos fill this popular witty family interactive show!
"It's like LMASM meets LaughCrafters with a touch of Lethal Chicken 4 on the midway
...there won't be a dry eye in the house"

BT & FJ arrive On Location with all their equipment to set up the next blockbuster

Bobby starts hand to hand riverdance combat (above)& Directs his monster (right)

The "Golden Idol of Immunity"!

Not the Diva type

That's her "Q"!

BT & FJ share a vision (above)
In awe of our guest Ms.Diva Damsel (left)

coaching our star Hank Pavement
Written & Directed by: Eric Boucher
Prop Assistant: Jeff Tingley
Trunk Set: Greg Trochlil, Chimera Costume

NEW in 2004: Music! Fog! Sharpened Script with 
new gags, props, surprises, and some new cast!

THE PLAYERS:(rotating in the roles of BT & FJ)
Tommy Lynch
Jenny Taylor (04)
Matt Swett 
Jeff Tingley 
Keon Ruiter
Ashley Collins (04)
Adam Motola
Steve Pierce 
Monique DuBois (04)
Erin Greene(03)
Tim Woodbury (03)
Tyler Stuntdouble
(mostly PSP alum including actual troupe members!)
Bobby Toberto Thomas- The Director
Freddi Jones- The Producer
Hank Pavement- our hero filled with macho madness
Ms. Diva Damsel- his love interest
Our Given Monster- awoken from his curse
Chief Highstriker- Hank's boss type*
Capt.Swabby- The monster's henchpirate*
Clown- Henchpirate in disguise*
Luigi Alfredo- Owner of an outdoor cafe, 
lifelong friend and confidant to Hank*
Shortcake- Hank's wacky sidekick with a wacky catchphrase
Tyler- Hank's experienced stuntdouble
* played by same character actor known for his role in 
Arachnidman 2 as "on-looker #4"


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