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Here are some design conceptuals and photos of the development (updated 6/2/06):

April: Scribbles and inspiration
May 5th: Model that included a sandpit

focusing on the major new piece 
with water cannon, percey puppet, 
and later a ladder to be added.
May 8th:  With some minor adjustments to accomodate 
the tree planting and balance the stage.

The new overhead design drawing after meeting with Chimera.


The new Ship piece standing nearly 10' high.
Being constructed by Chimera Scenic.

(above) Megan poses with Percey by one of the rails for reference.
Seymour is building a water cannon that will go next to Percey.
(left) the backside andd inside of the ship.

The future home waiting for the ship to dock!

Montessi & Sean first night practicing with swords

Platforms arrive (above) New steps added (right)

The new ship cabin arrives and goes together.
Lots of scenic painting to be done and the pond is constructed.

(above) The table of riches and Scales of Plunder
(Right) backstage tech area running all sound, water, and puppetry
Palm Trees added and cast setting up for first day of shows!

Design stuff from the first installation in 2005:

Concept, Script, Design, & Direction by
Eric Boucher

Some scenic elements created by: 
Greg Trochlil, Chimera Co.

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Some Photos courtesy of Megan Cannon. Thanks Megan!