Kevin, Greg, & Eric
(PWS cast of 96 and VO for show)

Premiered in the fall of 1996 at the Riverside PuppetWorks Theater. Our Friendly Witch hosts a variety show including Crypt Chicklettes and her wacky friend Grizz along with a few special brews of spells and surprises. Aside from problems with guestsDr.Bones, Jackie O'Lantern, and bratty trick or treaters....there seems to be a certain Phantom Sheep which continues to haunt the theater out of revenge of being cut from a previous show. He keeps popping up anywhere....anytime....routinely. The audience helps the witch keep an eye out for our Baa'ing Boo as they enjoy the songs and comedy sketches in this popular frightful fun show for theEntire family!
  • Script & Concept: Eric Boucher
  • Directed & Choreographed by: Eric Boucher
  • Voices:
    • Witch(host), Johnny(anncr), Sheep: Eric Boucher
    • Beanie Oogle: Greg Boucher
    • Marvin Oogle: Kevin Zabawa
  • Tape Re-mix and Engineering(97): Greg Boucher
  • Witch construct: Eric Boucher
  • Costumes, Props, Stringing, Repairs: Eric Boucher, Jeff Boucher, Karen Hamel
  • Sign Logo Design& construct: Eric Boucher, Karen Hamel, Peter Shannon,
    with the OutstandingRiverside Paint&Graphics Shop
    • Eric Boucher-lead puppeteer(witch,center stage marionettes, grizz,Beanie, sheep
    • Greg Boucher-crypt chicklettes, SR snakes, Baldy, Special FX operation
    • Kevin Zabawa(96)-Ghost, SL cc&snakes, marvin, frog, bird marrionettes
    • Jeff Boucher-Ghost, SL cc&snakes, mavin, frog, birds, oogles, sheep
  • Swings: Karlene Papadakis & Laura Henry
    • Special Thanks:
      • Peter Shannon
      • Riverside Entertainment
      • Premier Parks
      • Karlene Papadakis
      • Kerry Sobczak
      • Steve Deluco

    Petunia the Witch
    The Witch gets surprised again!
    Dragon Snakes
    A Brew of Dragon Snakes swoop
    thru the theater!

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