• PuppetWorks Puppeteers: Eric Boucher, Jeff Boucher, Karlene Papadakis(98),
    Jeff Tingley(99), Nick Palm (99)
  • Swings: Jeff Tingley, Jeff Boucher, Amy Kogut
  • PuppetCast: Witch, Grizz, Phantom Sheep, Crypt Chicklettes, Dr.Bones, MIB Sheep,Phantom Kruegar, Slinky Birds, Dragon Snakes, Marvin Oogle, Beanie Oogle, Baldy, Pinky, Lucky, and More!

  • Stage Manager: Jon Gill (99)
  • Show Tech: Greg Boucher
  • Tech Swings: Jeff Tingley, David Garrity, Steve Deluco
  • Backstage Tech: Jon Gill
  • Theatre house hosts: Debbie Boucher, David Garrity
  • Track Engineer/Recording/Mixing: Greg Boucher
  • Voiceovers:
    • Witch, Chickens, Marvin, Grizz, Sheep talking, Johnny(announcer): Eric Boucher
    • Sheep Baa's, Beanie: Greg Boucher

  • SET
    • Design/models/direction: Eric Boucher
    • initial priming: Steve Deluco
    • initial set-up/layout crew: Eric Boucher, David Garrity, Steve Deluco, Jeff Boucher, Jeff Tingley
    • Design sketching/pencilling: Steve Deluco
    • Texture painting: Steve Deluco, Pete Shannon, Amy Perusse
    • finishing Scenic texture/coloring painting: Eric Boucher, Jeff Boucher,Debbie Boucher, Amy Perusse
    • Set install: Eric Boucher, Jeff Boucher, Jon Gill
    • Sound: Greg Boucher
    • Lighting: Adam Rivest(98), Pete Shannon & Eric Boucher (99)

      Show Written by: Eric Boucher
      Directed/Choreographed by: Eric Boucher

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