"....Today, their Sheep was found."

PuppetWorks SpookTacular 3: the final BAA!

In the fall of 2000, the Phantom Sheep Puppeteers returned to the SOUNDSTAGE THEATER
(SFNE Frightfest Houdini's GhostTown) to premier the latest haunting hilarity of PWS!
By Popular demand, PWS3 RETURNED TO THE STAGE 2001!

The PWS3 Premier CAST
Puppeteers: Johnny Taylor, Eric Boucher, Jeff Tingley

The 2001 PWS3 Cast & Crew
(with the sheep and its many disguises)
Eric, Sara, Jeff, Steve, Carla, Jenny

Haley Oogle sees"dead Chickens" 

Trick......or......just Trick!


Phantom Sheep 
Crypt Chicklettes
Alien Birds
Dragon Snakes
Marvin Oogle, Haley Oogle
Ensign Beanie Johnson
Regis Foolbin
Johnny the announcer
Phantom Vader, Phantom Kruger, Baa-Man, and more!

Featuring the Voice talents of 
Eric Boucher (as Witch, Grizz, Marvin, Haley, Sheep, Chicklettes, Johnny,Regis, and more)
Jeff Tingley (as Sheep Baa's, Beanie, and Chicklettes)


                                 Eric Boucher-          puppeteer, writer, director, voice-overs
                                   Kate Chaconas-      puppeteer swing, puppet and prop design/construction
                                   Jeff Tingley-              puppeteer, voice-overs
                                   Greg Boucher-         audio engineer
                                   Johnny Taylor-          puppeteer (2000)
                                   Jenny Taylor-            puppeteer (2001)
                                   Steve Pierce-           puppeteer (2001)
                                   Melissa Martinez-    stage crew (2000)
                                   Sara McMullin-         stage crew (2001)

Some New things to look forward to: And of course, Favorites return...with more effects and fun being added:
  • A battle of spells with spiders, bats,bones, and flying snakes... right in your face!
  • The Crypt Chicklettes duet with Disco Doctor Bones!
  • Wacky Winter Wonderland
  • Grizz! Still ye ole wacky sidekick!
  • another new attack on our favorite dancing ghost!
  • The usual batch sillyness that will promise to surround you and capture your attention and imagination in our SoundStage Theater!

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