This cast of freaky friends breaka string or two in this all new Production that premiered in the
SoundStage Theater at RiverSide,The Great Escape Theme Park as part ofHallowscream98!
This popular family show returnedat THIS YEAR'S ALL NEW FRIGHTFEST !
A featured part of "Houdini's GhostTown" in an ALL new SoundStage Theater!
Look for the Crack Axel CanyonWaterTower!
sheep with Phantom Organ

Eric, Karlene, Jeff : the PuppetWorksPremier Puppeteers
in this all new show!

TheOriginal Poster seen in the SoundStage Lobby
(byJeff Tingley)

The SpookTacular Trio!
Witch, Phantom Sheep, & Grizz!

ghost and AlienGriz & the Sheep jingle bell rock!?
Anything is possible when there'sa Phantom Sheep and friends around!

Some things to look forward to:

COMING SOON: More Production Pictures,Show pictures, sound samples and more!