Writer, Performer, Instructor, Director, Producer

Inspired at an early age by the Muppets and Saturday Night Live, Eric became a co-founding member of PSP to bring that love of improv and satire locally to western MA.  He accidentally landed on puppetry professionally for almost a decade, but his true talents and passion are mostly in writing and performance of sketch comedy with a purpose. Influences include The Second City, Kids in the Hall, his alma mata Sleeveless theater, his current co-troupe members, and of course SNL...and there's still a bit of Jim Henson's work in his heart.

Recurring & Notable LaughCrafters Characters:
The Stamos, Harry Connick Jr., Grizz, Groucho, Sellvation Army, Soccer Mom, Jim Kramer, Living Nativity Director, Bing Crosby, Ranter, news anchor, Adam Corrola, Gambit, Invisible Mariachi Band, Marty Stewart, Sleigh Institute and Cash4Myrh spokesperson, Keystone cop, Edward Cullen, Harry Potter, Skip Gusto, Cake Boss Buddy, Dave Hester, St.Thomas, Costco Rounder, Scott Brown, Manger Doorman, and more.

First PSP Show: "The New Rubber Room News (RRN)" -head writer and ensemble talent

Some of many favorite sketches:
"Manger Madness" (writer, talent)

"Best House on the Block"(Santa),
"Witch Mistrial"(writer)
"Facebook Improv" (co-writer, talent)
"Doctor Refund" (writer, Mrs.Whitman)

Trivial Bits

  • Eric is somewhat tall, but also somewhat afraid of heights.
  • Eric was often the only male in his improv classes with Sleeveless Theater, and somehow still played a lot of women (some things don't change).
  • Eric began teaching improvisation professionally in 1998.
  • Eric married Debbie Gill, sister of early Phantom Sheep Player Jon Gill.
  • Debbie and Eric have a beautiful daughter who often sits in on improv rehearsals and recently started operating lights at shows.
  • Eric has worked with the entertainment department of Riverside Park Entertainment (later Six Flags) since the 90's and later joined the Entertainment Management staff including writing and producing over 40 original shows for the company with the help of PSP.
  • His first show written and publicly staged was "The INCUMBENTe" at HCC, a satire on George Bush starring Jon Gill & Kevin Zabawa.
  • His first original script he was paid to write was "PuppetWRKS Sockhop" for Riverside Park.
  • His script "Verdict of Sorcery" has been expanded with the help of friend Carla Tome and has being produced by "Drama Ties" touring France.
  • He has created entertainment product including produced scripts for world famous brands such as Warner Bros., DC Comics, and Six Flags Inc.
  • When LEGO teamed with Star Wars, his head almost exploded with joy.

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