Greg Boucher
audio engineer, theatrical technician
Holyoke, MA 01073


Education | Technical Experience | Performance Experience

Hampshire Regional High School
Westhampton MA
Drama & Acting, Music Theory
Ind. Study: music composition
Graduated June 1996

Westfield State College
Major: Music
Community Festival Chorus

BA Sound Recording Technology (2001)
University Of Massachusetts Lowell
One University Ave
Lowell, MA 01854
WJUL, Audio Engineering Society


Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Sonic Solutions, Cakewalk, Studio Vision, Master Tracks Pro, Avid, Authorware, Broadway, Media Cleaner Pro

Audio For Multimedia or Video
Clarian Patient Education DVD – Recording and editing of voice talent.
Springfield Visitor’s Information Center- Audio recording and editing for their kiosk.
Wilbraham Monson Academy Admissions Video - Audio recording and editing of voice talent.
Veritech St. Barnabus Demo – Audio recording and editing.
Baystate Medical Center Residency Recruitment CD Rom – On Site Audio Technician, Production assistant.
Basketball Hall Of Fame Virtual Tour- Audio Assistant.

Recording Engineer:
June 2001 – Sept 2001  - Internship at Veritech Corporation and Rotary Records
Ralph Hebert - Recording Engineer and Producer for “Mermaids’ and “Lug.”
Mike Harnio – Engineer on “Dreaming My Dreams With You” and “I Feel The Same Way Too.”
Signature Brass – Recording Engineer for “Lullaby” and “Take A Closer Walk.”
Steve Sands – Recording Engineer.
“Kakala” - Assistant Engineer.
Six Flags New England Show Soundtracks – Music edits for “Six Flags Party,”   “American Rock,” “Radioactive,”   “Rocking Road Show,”  "What's Up Rock", “Rockville Pep Rally”, Joker Wild Card Attraction
Six Flags Inc. Rides & Attractions Spiels- recorded/mixed/engineer, and co-produced ALL pre-recorded voice-overs for Six Flags Operations along with Marketing "Phone on Hold" promos and haunted attractions . 2000-current. Wiggles World spiel mixes & Legion of Doom ; 2007; , dir.E.Boucher
Phantom Sheep Comedy Productions- audio engineer; 1997-current. (see below for details)

Live Sound:
"22 NEWS"- Audio Operation, WWLP 22. Summer 2002-2005.
"SFNE IDOL, featuring Justin Guarini"-installation and operation of tracks, live vocals of all talent; April 2004
"The Dark Knight" media release event-Audio operation, general set-up. Penfield Prod./Six Flags Inc. February 2002.
Comedy Central - Audio Technician for live appearances of comedians David Williamson,  Rob Paranovian and Todd Barry (1999, 2000, 2001)
Entertainment Magic/Silvertree Prod.-Sound and Lighting technician for "Illusion Quest" (2002)
Entertainment Magic – Sound and Lighting Technician for “Haunting Illusions”. (1998-2002)
Six Flags Shows Department Sound Designer and Audio Technician- Ran Audio and Lighting for “Shake Rattle And Roll” (1998 –1999), “Malt Shop Magic” (1998-1999),  “American Rock”(2000),  “Radioactive“ (2001)
Phantom Sheep Comedy Productions-  LaughCrafters Sound & Lighting technician, Stage Manager (1999-current)
Colortronics Inc.- Live Sound Assistant (1997)
Circus International; Park Studios –Sound Technician  (summer 1996)

Other Audio Engineering work for Phantom Sheep Productions:

  • PuppetWorks PhantoSeize-audio recording/mix/edit engineer, produced tracks. 2002; revised 2003
  • Mayhem Mission:Ghoulish Gameshow- Audio Engineer. 2002
  • Rosville Alien Invasion: Audio engineer for midway tracks. 2002
  • Monster Mash in MovieTown:Audio engineer: record, edit,& mix all voices, sound effects and music tracks. PSP; fall 2001
  • Puppet Spooktacular: track and mixing Recording Engineer; Phantom Sheep Productions(fall 97)
  • PuppetWorks SpookTacular 2: track and mixing Recording Engineer; PSP (fall 98, remix/edit 99)
  • PuppetWorks SpookTacular 3-the final BAA!: Audio Recording Engineer; PSP (fall 2000;re-staged 2001)
  • "LMASM-take 2!"; Audio recording engineer; PSP (fall 2000; restaged 2001)
  • SideWalk Sorcery: track and mixing Recording Engineer; PSP (fall 98)
  • Mort's Used Coffins Preshow: track and mixing Recording Engineer; PSP (fall 98)
  • Let's Make A Scary Movie: Recording Engineer, Stage Audio set-up; PSP(fall 97, remix 98 & 99)
  • Happy Valley Trail of Terror and Brutal Planet: spiels for queue houses and "tour bus" scene sequence- audio engineer & producer; Six Flags, Inc. 2001
  • FireWorks Display: Track mix/engineer; Riverside Park/Atlas Adv.Pyro. 1998.
  • FireWorks Display: Movie Themes Scheme: Track mix/engineer; 1999
  • FireWorks Display; Six Flags New England: Track, remix/engineer; 2000;2001
  • Crocodile Cal Limbo; Island Kingdom; Track, recording/mix engineer; 2000;2001
  • Commotion Ocean: Wave Pool annoucement recording; Six Flags Inc. 1999
  • The Backyard Grill: producer, Disc Jockey;(fall 97)WSKB
  • Greggo's Raging Waffle show: producer, Disc Jockey; (96-97)WSKB
  • WSKB: Production Assistant-produced promo and PSA carts. 1996-1997
  • THE INCUMBENTe:Rehearsal Stage Mgr.,Set Construction(Jan.1994),Stage Crew;(Dec 92-Feb 94)HCC Players



    Other Technical Experience:
    Midnite Mansion: individual room audio Recording Engineer, Attraction rewiring/set-up; (fall 97) Riverside Hallowscream
    Sound Install/ supervision: Sooner Productions; for 6 Live Stage shows (Summer 1998)
    Sound Install/supervision: for various live stage and midway shows along with band set-ups; Six Flags Inc. (Summer 1999-current)
    Castle Rock-u-la:Set Construction, Backstage tech(Summer 1996);Riverside Entertainment

    Performance Experience:
  • EpenbexX- Kype Wylde, various appearances
  • Let's Make A Scary Movie: The Assistant(comic side-kick, instructed on-stage kids); PSP/R:GE (fall 97,98,&99)
  • "LMASM-take 2!": PA; PSP (fall 2000)
  • Ol' Rivertown: Orville Wrong(Aug.-Sept. 1996) Sheriff(Sept. 1996) ; Riverside Entertainment.
  • Wild West Stunt Show: The Bandit(Summer 1997); Sooner Productions
  • PuppetWRKS Sock Hop: Puppeteer(Aug.-Sept. 1996);Phantom Sheep Comedy Productions/Riverside Entertainment
  • Puppetworks Spooktacular: Voice of Beanie, Puppeteer(Fall 96); Riverside Entertainment/ Phantom Sheep Comedy Productions
  • "The New RRN": Mr. Brak(Feb. 1996), Writer, Ensemble Cast(Fall 1996-current); Phantom Sheep Comedy/ WSC-TV
  • "Greggo's Raging Waffle Show": Writer/Producer, Disc Jockey;WSKB
  • The Backyard Grill: Disc Jockey/Interviewer, comic bit writer;(fall 97)WSKB
  • RRN Live on Stage!:Ensemble Cast(March 1997)Phantom Sheep Comedy
  • Brass Mosiac: Ensemble Choir(Jan.1997); Carnegie Hall, NYC
  • NightMare Island: Set Construction (Sept. 1996), Ensemble Cast(Oct. 1996)Riverside Entertainment
  • Petrified Forest:The Butcher(Fall 1995) Riverside Park

  • Sleeveless Theater Comedy Workshop(Nov.1994) ;WSC
  • Improv Play Group: Player(July 1995-Oct.1995) Bangs, Amherst
  • Comedy Improv: Featured Player(Nov.1995-June 1996)WSC
  • Comedy Improv: Featured troupe member, Phantom Sheep Players-current



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