Jeff Tingley 

Stage name: Jeff Tingley
Real name: Jeff Tingley
Nick name: Jefftingley

Jeff Tingley 
Jeff Tingley 

Hair color: brown, or just really dirty.
Eyes: glasses
Height: shorter than Seymour, taller than Webster
Bad pickup line: wanna feel tingley

Reoccuring & Notable LaughCrafters Characters:

 LeStan, Scrooge, Rachel Ray, Evil Santa, Mo, Soccer Mom, Sister Sludge, Grandpa, Newcast anchor, Rant Ref, Stephen Hawkings,
Jamie (mythbusters), Nicholai Tesla, geek alphabet, interpretive dancer, George Burns, and more.

First PSP Show: "Mort's Used Coffins" (1998)

Some of many favorite sketches:
Twi-Light (writer)
Scrooge: The Sitcom (Scrooge)

Best Years of Your Life (Graduate)

Salem State College, Salem MA.  Double Major: Theater/Visual Arts
Holyoke Community College, Holyoke MA.  Theater
Celebration Barn, South Paris, ME.  Comedy for Actors

Improv, Puppetry, Conventional Lighting, Sleight of Hand, Clowning, Costume Character Animating,
Pyrotechnic handling, Stage Management and Direction, Stage Combat, Balloon animals, Tattoo artist.

Notable Phantom Sheep work:

Other Professional Experience: School and Community Theater Other Freelance Work:

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