Jesse Redmond

Jesse Redmond


BIO BLURB:  Jesse officially joined the LaughCrafters ensemble in 2012. However, he has also worked with several Phantom Sheep shows prior as a tech, puppeteer, and actor.  He has owned the part of "Geegore" featured in our popular show "Mayhem Mission:Ghoulish Gameshow" along with many other characters he has created.

Notable LaughCrafters Characters:
Geegore, Vampire Hunter, Santa, Ghost of Christmas Present

First PSP Show: SplashBucklin' ScalleyWags (2006)- Tech and Puppeteer

Some of many Favorite Sketches:  
"Breaking up is Hard to Do" (first video sketch appeared in)
"Hungry Vampire Hunters" (Vampire Historian)
"Where are you Going!?" (Santa)


Related PSP Experience:

  • LaughCrafters: stage and video; featured player. 2012-current
  • "Mayhem Mission: Ghoulish Gameshow"; Geegore. 2011-current
  • "Verdict of Sorcery"; Judge Greystone swing. 2010
  • "Showdown in GhostTown"; swing. 2010
  • "PuppetWorks PhantoSeize";  Stage Crew, Puppeteer, 2006.
  • "Splashbucklin' ScalleyWags"; Technician, Puppeteer, 2006-2007.
  • PSP Comedy Improv Workshops