Tommy Lynch


Comedic writer and actor
Tommy Lynch

Bio Blurb: Tommy was raised by television and his work out jam is compromised of TV theme songs.  One of his earlier jobs was working at a video store becoming a theater usher at Riverside Park where he met Jeff and Eric. As the park transformed to Six Flags, Tommy grew as a performer, director, and entertainment coordinator.  He was an early student of the Phantom Sheep workshop series and classes before eventually becoming a LaughCrafters featured player in late 2000.  Tommy currently works as a repertoire troupe member, writer, and producer.  He has originated roles in several PSP shows such as "Mayhem Mission" and "On Location" as well as directed a few productions such as "Mort" and "Mrs. Claus' Christmas Eve".  In LaughCrafters, Tommy has some of the most memorable moments and characters. It's hard to put into words what makes Tommy tick on stage...he just is.

Tommy has an Associates degree in Television Production and a Bachelor's in Communications. 

First PSP Show: "Let's Make a Scary Movie" (2000)- DT Jones

Recurring & Notable LaughCrafters Characters:
Dr.Slappy Von Slime, Christmas Carol, Dickens kid, Ozzy, Grozzy(voice), Larry Wiseman, Sam Clem, Good Ole Country Boy, Ricky Martin, Manis Joplin, News commentator, Tommy Tom, Auntie Sue,  Keystone cop, Cyclops, Joey Scat, Recliner Phil (and Phyllis), Beth L'ahem, Ghost of Christmas Past, Shepherds, Costco Rounder, Sam Hitman, Jesus, Easter Bunny, Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, Bobby McKay, and more

Some Favorite Sketches:  
"Catch that Clause" (Cop)
"The Rounds" (Self)
"Coin Trick" (Billy)
"Scrooge is Scrooge" (Boy)
"Mayhem Mistletoe" (Dr.Von Slime)

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