Tommy Lynch


Comedic writer and actor
Tommy Lynch

Bio Blurb: Tommy grew up on television and his ipod is full of TV theme songs.  One of his earlier jobs was working at a video store and a liquor mart before becoming a theater usher at Riverside.  He was an early student of the Phantom Sheep workshop series before eventually becoming a LaughCrafters featured player in late 2000 and current repertoire troupe member/writer/producer.  He has originated roles in several PSP shows such as Mayhem Mission and On Location and has also helped direct shows such as "Mort's".

Recurring & Notable LaughCrafters Characters:
Dr.Slappy Von Slime, Christmas Carol, Dickens kid, Caroler Neighbor, Ozzy, Grozzy(voice), Larry, Sam Clem, Good Ole Country Boy, Ricky Martin, Manis Joplin, News commentator, Tommy Tom, Auntie Sue,  Keystone cop, Cyclops, Joey Scat, Recliner Phil (and Phyllis), Beth L'ahem, Dinner Eyes dad, Ghost of Past, Shepherds, Costco Rounder, Sam Hitman, Elizabeth Brown, Jesus, Easter Bunny, Mitch McConnell, Trump, Bobby McKay, and more

First PSP Shows: "Let's Make a Scary Movie" (2000)- DT

Some of many Favorite Sketches:  
"Catch that Clause" (Cop)
"The Rounds" (Self)
"Coin Trick" (Billy)
"Scrooge is Scrooge" (Boy)
"Mayhem Mistletoe" (Dr.Von Slime)

H:5'9"     W:185     Eyes:blue     Hair:Red


Westfield State College
Degree: BA Communications

Springfield Technical Community College
Degree: AA Television Production

PSP Comedy Improv
Holyoke Community College
Workshop and weekly class alum

PSP Comedy School
Agawam, MA
Basics and Expansion Pack Classes alum
combined studies over 2 years

Performance, Writing, and Directing Experience:

  • LaughCrafters Holiday Show/ Christmas Bonus DVD(annual special); writer/performer ensemble, various roles including Dr.Slappy Von Slime, Christmas Carol, Rosco,  Jane Kramer, Grozzy, Seussical poet, repertoire player, and more; 2005-current; PSP
  • LaughCrafters:Comedy Improv; featured player, Summer 2000; Repertoire Player 2002-current; PSP
  • "Mayhem Mission:Ghoulish Gameshow"; Dr.Slappy Von Slime,host; fall 2002-2007, 2012-current; Director 2006-2011; PSP
  • LaughCrafters,Workshop edition; student performer, fall 1999-spring 2000; assistant instructor 2002-current; PSP
  • Dick Clark's Face the Music: segment co-writer and director: SFI/DCP, 2010.
  • SplashBucklin' Scalleywags; swing, June 2005-2006; PSP
  • Showdown at the Gold Rush Saloon; swing, June 2005-2006; PSP
  • "On Location"; Freddi Jones ("producer") & Bobbi T. Thomas ("dir"); 2003-2004; PSP
  • "Frontier Feudin'"; Doc Bucky McGee & Cattle Call McCaw; 2003-2004; PSP
  • Mort's Used Coffins; Director, 2007-2015
  • "PuppetWorks PhantoSeize"; voice of "Grozzy Grozzbourne"; fall 2002; puppeteer 2003-2005;  PSP
  • "Let's Make A Scary Movie!"-Dewey Thomas (the "director"), fall 2000, 2001; PSP
  • "Do you Want to be a MealLionaire" -emcee/host, UMASS/PSP; Spring 2002-2003
  • Nutrition Jeparody- emcee/host, UMASS/PSP; Spring 2004
  • ROSWELL: Alien Invasion- voice of aliens and MP's; PSP; fall 2002.
  • Ronald McDonald Show (Eastern States Expo); portrayal of Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie; fall 2000, 2001; McDonald's corp.
  • "Six Flags Party" and various promotional appearances: portrayal of Foghorn Leghorn & Bugs Bunny; winter 2000-current, Six Flags Inc.
  • "Rockin'Road Show": portrayal of Foghorn Leghorn & Bugs Bunny in mainstage dance/comedy production; summer 2001, Six Flags Inc.
  • "What's up Rock": Character portrayal in mainstage dance/comedy production; 2002-2003, Six Flags Inc.
  • "LT:We Got the Beat": Character portrayal in mainstage dance/comedy production; 2004, Six Flags Inc.
  • Monster Mash in MovieTown: collaborator and co-writer on "California Ghouls" parody; 2001
  • Judi Dench X-mas X-travganza (stage sketch): co-writer and character creator. 2001
  • Mayhem Mistletoe: (stage sketches) co-writer and character development; 2002-2004
  • Voice of "Tweety's Clubhouse","Kontiki", "Hurricane Harbor", and other rides/attractions; SFNE/PSP; 2002-2006.
  • Voice of "Rockville USA" and "Traditions" promo for SFNE Front Gate; PSP; May 2002.
  • Voice of guards, aliens, and inmates for queue spiels and midway soundtracks in SFNE's "Nightmare Island", "Wicked Woods", "Forgotten Lab", and Roswell attractions; Fall 2004-current

  • Technical Experience:

  • Coming to Terms: Lighting and Sound technician, Gallery Players, December 2004
  • Shake Rattle & Roll : backstage crew; Silvertree productions, summer 1999
  • Malt Shop Magic: backstage crew; Silvertree productions, summer 1999
  • Haunting Illusions(featuring the magic of David Garrity): backstage crew, fall 1999
  • "Comedy Tonight": PSP's backstage crew, Northampton Academy of Music, Nov. 2000
  • PuppetWorks SpookTacular 3: Lights and Sound, fall 2000, 2001; backstage understudy 2001

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