Kevin "Zippy" Zabawa

featured player, puppeteer, tech


BIO BLURB:  Zippy was one of the original co-founding members in 1996 where he helped bring the Phantom Sheep to life as a puppeteer and then later writer and performer on the Rubber Room News. He later moved to NJ to intern at Sci-Fi network, then worked AV and IT in Manhatten for several years before returning to Western MA where he rejoined the puppetworks cast on the new PhantoSeize show.  He has also performed in NYC on and off broadway including in the duet "Communication is Key". His love of Star Wars has landed him several media appearances....yes, he is the Darth Vader in the Conan/Triumph sketch.

Recurring & Notable LaughCrafters Characters:
Curly, Grandpa Kramer, "Joseph", Adam (mythbusters), Principal Stephens, Zeegore, Harmonica clown, CGI Stuntman, Dracula, Grandma, Doc Brown, Keystone crook, Darrel Sheets, James the Greater, St. Peter, and more.

First PSP Show: The New Rubber Room News (1996)- writer, ensemble cast

Some of many Favorite Sketches
Three Wiseguys (Curly)
GPS (Writer, Dave)
Ordained (co-writer, Groom)

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220lbs
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: four


Westfield State College
Westfield, MA
Degree: BA, Communications

Related PSP Experience:

  • LaughCrafters: stage and video; ensemble cast/player/writer. Jan 07-2015. Featured as select shows 2016-current.
  • LaughCrafters Holiday Show; ensemble cast/player. Dec.2006-2015
  • "PuppetWorks PhantoSeize" Puppeteer swing, 2006, PSP/SFNE
  • PuppetWRKS Sockhop; Puppeteer, 1996, PSP, Rside
  • PuppetWorks SpookTacular; Puppeteer, 1996, PSP, Rside
  • Puppet Workshop Instructor, 2005-current
  • The New RRN (Rubber Room News), including RRN Live; writer, performer; WSCTV, 1995-1996
  • Improv Jams, WSC; 1995-1996
  • Various appearances, Phantom Sheep/Puppeteer; 1995-1997, 2006-current