with Jeff Tingley

Please Note: Jeff Tingley is a proffesional idiot.
Do not upset mall security and try this yourself
However... if you do...you will really enjoy yourself!

one of the few times security let Jeff ride

Enfield Mall, Enfield, CT 

Overall Rating: B+

  • Smooth Ride
  • Nice Suspension
  • No Sound FX or music is a dissapointment keeping this ride from an "A" rating.
  • Great Design and tribute to the campy 60's tv series
  • A personal fav to ride every visit.
    This generic blue car seen at the Hampshire Mall 
    is NOT the Batmobile! It takes an expert rider like 
    Jeff Tingley to identify these clones and protect you!

    NEW! As promised: the Batman Forever Review!

    Snoopy ride
    Kate(left) being the adult supervisor for Jeff(inside)

    Jeff inside this great themed ride

    Enfield Mall, Enfield, CT 

    Overall Rating: C+/B-

  • Sound and voice FX keep interest!(yes! it TALKS toyou!)
  • Great theming inside the house with dog cookies,etc!
  • Great concept. Love being IN the house!
  • Some Hand painted details! Lovely Art!
  • Good job keeping this away from the Batmobile on other side of mall to avoid rivalry.





    Big Y Supermarket, Ludlow, MA
    Overall Rating: A!
  • This is a suprising classic that sets the standardfor all other rides!
  • Great Sound Effects!
  • The Saddle even fits adults!
  • The Entire Ride could easily be portable and can plug in anywhere!
  • A Jarring fresh realistic motion that was comfortable but didn't feel like it was just following a rhythm
  • Excellent financial value! Only 25 cents, rather than the steep 50 cents of the others!
  • Even the Supermarket workers approve with cheers!

  • We lost our Quarter! But Jeff still had his gear!
    "The Return to the Horsie!"
  • A few weeks later we returned and Jeff brought all his gear ready to ride!
  • For some reason the ride did not start! We were quite confused since it was plugged in.
  • We lost our Quarter!!!!!
  • All the Ludlow Police had to offer us for assistancewas "now, THAT is a Kodak moment"....yes, we know! But we still lost our quarter!

  • Updated Grade: A- due to the inconsistancyof customer support and reliability!

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