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Please Note: Jeff Tingley is a proffesional idiot.
Do not upset mall security and try this yourself
However... if you will really enjoy yourself!

delay after coin insert

boring motion
Flintstone Mobile
outside "Kids R Us"
Holyoke Mall, Holyoke MA 

Overall Rating: D

  • Looks are deceiving, This ride did not bring me toBedrock.
  • It took a while from the time we inserted the coin till the actual start of ride motion causing confusion and an awkward pauseas other shoppers also seemed to feel my pain.
  • uncomfortable seat, just a slab of plastic that doesnt fit in!
  • boring motion-I expect a little bounce in my Flintstone cars!
  • No Sound FX or music. Not even a "Yabba Dabba Do!"

  • (Please Note: the Flintstone theme has since been added to this ride, but boredom is still seen on the faces of fellow riders)
  • Ironically the Jetson ride previously seen at thismall ranks as one of the best.
  • Fred would cry.
    Snoopy ride
    Yes! This ride looks worthy!

    Jeff getting inside this great themed ride

     The Rocket!
    upper level by Filenes
    Holyoke Mall, Holyoke, MA

    Overall Rating: B+

  • Most complete world
  • scrolling "monitor" screen inside!
  • original motion almost like a washing machine!
  • despite repetive noise and voiceover, this ride actually had a different beginning and ending sound effect sync'd with the ride!
  • people kept looking in!
  • very nice handles inside with natural resistance!
  • This was a very popular ride, usually had a line! Difficult to schedule a review.
  • Please note: Despite its popularity, This ride has since been removed fromthe mall, most likely due to its phallic shape.  

  • trapped in his own world!
    However, the irritating speaker was right in his ear and he was unableto enjoy the full view of the scrolling screen costing this popular ride some points.

    Jeff and Kate run out of money for a ride

    Jeff admires the fine detail inside
    part of the NEW Wal*Mart,
    Hadley, MA (near UMASS, Amherst)
    Overall Rating: unknown yet, 
        solid B based on detail and theming alone
    Comments Notes:
  • sadly, we did not have any money left after shopping Wal*Mart to try this out.
  • Wal*Mart employees kept watching us accusingly (unlike the wonderful Ludlow police and Big Y employees who gleefully encourage us to be happy!)
  • The fine art and themeing details of the bear, the gift tag, and taxi meter are nice!
  • But do kids still flip for the Paddington Bear!?
  • We still flip for Wal*Mart

    Its now here as Promised!:
  • The NEW Batman Forever Batmobile at the Holyoke Mall!  -    Will it compare to the old 60's style Batmobile in Enfield, CT!?
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