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Please Note: Jeff Tingley is a  proffesional idiot.
Do not upset mall security and try this yourself
However... if you do...you will really enjoy yourself!

The step doesnt line up with the tight seating area.

Jeff's not impressed. 
However,Kate enjoyed sitting in that red jeep!
Batman Forever Batmobile
outside "Kids R Us"
Holyoke Mall, Holyoke MA 

Overall Rating: C-

  • back and forth..and not even very far... very dull.very repetive. very obvious 
  • you are going in one straight flat line the whole time 
  • lack of anything of interest in theming in the ride itself. 
  • monotonous VVROOM of "batmobile".. long drone tiring and dull. would preferred silence.
  • awkward climb into the machine.
  • very tight fit.
  • low to the ground. so you might as well just slide on a carpet.
  • no room for Robin.
  • the blue side grill detail was nice.
  • there was some scraping damage on the back.
  • This is tucked in the same area as the Flintsonemobile that people continue to ride despite my review!
  • It is Batman, so that's a plus.
  • It's Batman Forever, so.....errrr.....

  • How does this compare to the

  • This ride was first seen at the Springfield ToysRus ...however...the front beak was broken off!
  • Of course, as a proffesional Ride Reviewer, Jeff Tingley called the manufacturer immediately to inform them of the problem!
  • The ride was replaced by this train ride (seen below) before we had a chance to take a photo of the broken beak.

  • We did find an intact version of this ride at the Clinton Outlet malls in CT! (top left)
  • However, it was left unplugged!? (see left)
  • This ride may be cursed and we did not ride!
  • If you have ridden any of the above rides or have any requests for us to review a ride, then write us!
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