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Please Note: Jeff Tingley is a proffesional idiot.
Do not upset mall security and try this yourself
However... if you do...you will really enjoy yourself!

Kate & Jeff return to Bedrock!

It's doesnt live up to the hype; but its an okay ride.

Can Not fit two people!
Thank you Tommy Lynch Everyone for helping
test this theory.
& More Dino's!
Clinton,CT Outlet mall
at least 3 found at this location alone!

As you know, Guest reviewer Kate Chaconas 
first reviewed this model at Kahunaville.
Jeff now gives his own test:

Jeff's Overall Rating: C


  • There is actually a parental warning spiel playedat the start! (most rides at this mall have this, howeverthe Kahunaville one did not)
  • Strong Kickstart
  • dull back and forth motion 
  • can not fit two adults as previously theorized.
  • Looked bigger in pictures...Is Jason Randall a trick photographer!?
  • no place to put hands on this model...However the Kahunaville one and another one at this same mall do have handlebars on the base of Dino's neck!
  • Very Un-Stable- it tips forward if you lean over as the ride is all the way forward. 
  • Ride duration plays the Flintstone theme 2.5times.
  • The inconsistancy in features among the number of Dino's makes this very hard to grade.
  • How do we explain the multiple Dino's!? Are these Dino's helpers?
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