Ride Review Revue!
with Jeff Tingley....and Friends!

To prevent another premature Dinoreview
Jeff must take Kate on a training mission 
(Kate, ya can't ride....yet!)

Roomy interior!

A scrolling monitor shows the road!

It is "okay". A very good ride to train on.
The Taxi!
Hampshire Mall, Hadley, MA

Professional idiot Jeff Tingley
takes Guest reviewer Kate Chaconas on a tour.

Jeff's Overall Rating: C
Kate's Overall Rating:"I'm not at liberty to grade when Tingley is in the car"


  • This ride CAN fit two adults!
  • Nice bright colors and decals.
  • It has a scrolling screen, but Jeff could see thecut points and it repeated often. However, Kate liked it.
  • There was lots of buttons to push, but they did nothing!
  • There was a gas peddle and moveable steering wheel!
  • No music or sound, however there was a speaker!
  • Kate is now officially approved to conduct PSP Ride Reviews!
  • Greg is Rockin'!
    Hampshire Mall, Hadley, MA

    While Jeff was working with Kate, 
    Greg decided to take a trip.

    Greg's Overall Grade: B-
    But it doesnt matter!
    "it just went up and down, up and...not side to side. I was not that enthused....personally, it was a waste of $.50"-Greg

    Look! He's not even holding on!
    This isn't a profesional idiot, This is a madman!
    Please kids, be careful!


    "What are you doing!?"

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