Reviews de Rides!
with Jeff Tingley

Please Note: Jeff Tingley is a proffesional idiot.
Do not upset mall security and try this yourself
However... if you will really enjoy yourself!


SUPER Wal*Mart
Ware, MA

Overall Rating: A-

  • good unique rocking motion. 
  • sudden start with music (make sure you're fastened)
  • the bar goes thru the turtles head!?...and it was lopsided!
  • the collar is actual leather, not just molded plastic!
  • Adult thighs may be spread to wide to fit aroundneck.
  • it is only a quarter to ride!
  • very long ride time!
  • the music was groovy and passerby's got into it!
  • It's in SUPER Wal*Mart so you can ride 24/7!
  • Update: this Turtle has been moved across the room and replaced with a Tonka Truck ride (review coming soon!)

  • It has a hook for your chains AND its only 25 cents!
    as demonstrated by Jeff and Tommy

    very boring motion!
    GNC Nutrition store
    Hampshire Mall, Hadley, MA

    Overall Rating: F

  • This ride sucks!
  • It only costs a quarter...but then asks for anotherquarter for a BMI analysis!
  • it said Jeff was 10 lbs overweight!

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