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Alongside PuppetWorks, The show that became the foundation of PSP  and most resembling
our goal and talents.  Before there was Jimmy and Tina doing the absurd news treatment 
and even before Kilby started The Daily Show, there was....
The New RRN

Sometimes Real News Bites 
...So we Bit Back!"
Cast Photo

(tape copies and new live shows are available via request)
with RRN ONLINE E-Zine!
News Skewered to your liking! 

Rubber Room News is a satire newscast filled with parodies, 
cynical twisted politics, and absurd humor. It is written and performed by
fresh talent for them to share a view on current events and pop-culture and bring 
the goofy to a too serious world as they each present 
and hone themselves as an original voice in comedy.
And now, this wonderful comical ensemble has grown and continues with 
RRN Live on Stage! and other fabulous original shows!

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