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The original ensemble : (Archive Bios! last updated March 1998, please check out PSP resume/bio page for recent info)


Eric Boucher

Born July 17th, 1974 in Worcester, MA. Moved to Southampton in 1979 and attended Hampshire Regional High where he graduated in 1992 then moved on to study Theater at Holyoke Community where he earned his AA degree in 1994. He worked his way through high school and HCC as an assitant manager at Burger King, where he met his wife Debbie. At HCC, wrote and directed The INCUMBENTe, a political satire of George Bush (he casted Jon Gill as the lead and Kevin Zabawa as the President's Asssistant). Fall of 1994: he left BK to audition for nearby Riverside Park's Entertainment dept. He was instantly hired for that fall season and returned to audition again in Boston and was re-hired as a puppeteer,actor, and stage tech. In the spring of 1995, he went back to school at Westfield State with a major in Communications and a minor in Theater. He is a recipient of the national Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities award. He also was enrolled with Sleeveless Theater for comedy Improv classes and performed at UMASS. At WSC, Eric coordinated a weekly comedy improv group, and took on producing the Rubber Room News after working as the political segment writer for the late Jeremy Lyonais. He re-vamped it into the New RRN and makes no secret of being inspired and influenced by SNL, Monty Python, and Kids in the Hall. Eric is the head writer on the show and encourages other's involvement.
Eric is also the Artistic Director of PSP, Became the Assist Entertainment Manager for Riverside the Great Escape/Premier Parks; and became a member of the elite SleevelessTheater Power Improv performance ensemble! He is always creating shows and performingcomedy in many venues and media.

Some RRN Roles/Segments Performed : Anchor, President Applebomb, Bob Dole, Jaques Robert Ross, The Phantom Sheep, Derek:Goshen Coorespondant, Announcer, Voice of all callers, Salamon Lawer, Dimentos Husband, Clinton Rally attempt, Bob Crotchitch, Tiny Tim, Hans Duo, rebel weather, Psycho Friend, The "Woman" on the Street, Al Gore, Paul Shaeffer, Skull Moldy, Peru soldier, Federal Agent.Resume.

Greg Boucher

Born 12/27/76 in Poughkeepsie NY, he is the middle child of three boys. Graduated Hampshire Regional High in 1996. While in HS, he performed in the sketch sitcom Dimento:the series. He also was a member of the school band and performed several piano solos and original compostions at recitals. Like his brother, he also worked part-time at BK then moved on to Riverside Entertainment were he worked firing off fog machines, operating sound for a circus, and performed in the puppet shows, western show, and frightfest attractions. Studied music at Westfield State College. He performed as part of a chorus at Carnegie Hall in NYC. His involvement in RRN has become greater starting with the second season and many of the absurd comedy bits usually originate from his mind. He is often amused by the success of something so silly and absurd such as the phantom sheep. Greg has become a signifigant part of PSP as a puppeteer, actor, and audio engineer. He enjoys his work on RRN and at Riverside because it gives him plenty of entertainment experience and he has a lot of wild fun. Other experience Greg has include tech work with Colortronics, Sooner productions, and he is a student in the well respected and disaplined music engineering program at UMASS Lowell. He is also creator, producer, and DJ on the wacky absurd and widely popular PSP premier radio show "Greggo's Raging Waffle Show".

Roles/Segments Performed :Anchor, Ebola mountain man, Live on Mars report, Goshen resident, Metallica guitarist, Dimentos sinner, Improv News, Tiny Tim tribute, OJ Simpson re-enactor, Nicolle's stunt double, Super Bowl, window puppeteer, Zippy's assassination, Bill Clinton, Homeless Kato, Jerry MaGuy, Coffeehouse Guy, Go-Go Dancer, Phantom Chicken, Fast Food dealer.Resume.

Jon Gill

Appeared as George Bush in The INCUMBENTe. Quickly became friends with Eric and Greg Boucher when Eric started dating Jon's sister Debbie, since then helps out in any production needed. Also worked at BK, therefore his suffering fits in with many other cast members. got involved with an improv group at Bangs in Amherst and attended the weekly improv sessions at WSC. At first, Jon only wanted to stay in the window on The New RRN and would only speak in segments taped outside the studio, but still prefered to act as a field camera operator. In the second season, he recieved small parts on camera in the studio and keeps becoming a signifigant part of the show. He also helps write some of the material and contributes to the script developement.
Jon has no denial to his huge ego and love of himself based on his claim to impress women, sport skills, and great sense of humor. Jon's assets is his willingness to accept and perform any idea pitched to him and has the best skill of memorizing lines and does so very quickly.

 Roles/Segments Performed: chief window puppeteer, Politically Correct News, Late-Breaking-Breaking-Late report, Good pie/Zippy supporter, George Bush, Improv Card dealer, Johnny G, Florida Vacationer, Peru soldier, Voice of secret service, WSC president interviewer, News from right outside the window, the Evil Nicolle identifier, Homeless Report, Man on the street interview.

Nicolle Leney

Born October 18th, 1975. Has been working on The New RRN since it's first show. She was an English/Education major at Westfield State and actually recieved a job teaching 6th grade in West Springfield, where she did her student teaching. She also has worked part time for Hallowscream and in the Riverside Marketing Dept. She originally comes from Westford, MA. Unlike many of her fellow RRN cast members, She did NOT work at BK...she worked at McDonald's. Also was involved in the attempt to produce "Caffeine High" at WSC-TV and is involved with many other organizations on campus such as ICE and student government. She is a recipient of the national Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities award. She is usually the perfect contrast to the other anchors...she is thought to be the happiest and kindest person in the cast. Her computer activities often occupy "smileys" (I mean, LOTS of them, way more than a healthy personcould take), which is why her name on the show is also trademarked with one Nicolle :) tm. The Happy News was designed specifically for her and has become her characteristic on the show and the perfect set-up for her new doppleganger:the Evil Nicolle! Through the show, She has improved her skills as a performer greatly from her first appearance and is one of the most reliable cast-members.

 Roles/Segments Performed : Anchor, The Happy News, Clinton Rally in Springfield, Evil Nicolle, Psycho Friends Network, Princess Lea, Smiley Cult Leader, Can Coozie Spokesperson.

Kevin "Zippy" Zabawa

Born April 12th, 1974 in Southampton MA, where he lived most of his life until 1997. A tall slender fellow (6'5") he met Eric in Kindergarten and also graduated from Hampshire Regional High in 1992. In HS, he performed comic characters in AV club projects and "Dimento:the series". The nickname originated in the 7th grade as an insult of the way he flew up flights of stairs with his long legs. Since then, it is accepted and all his close friends, teachers, and co-workers call him "Zippy!"Attended one semester at HCC before transfering to Daniel Webster College in NH to study aeronautical engineering. In the fall of 1994, he returned home to Westfield State where he earned his BA in Communications/Public Relations. During his early college career, he also worked as a shift-coordinator at BK and played a part in Eric Boucher's The INCUMBENTe. He got his next job at Riverside Park after driving Eric to the Boston auditions and applying at the last minute becoming a puppeteer and tech. At WSC, he works with many clubs and organizations such as student governement, campus activities board, and WSC-TV. He is a recipient of the national Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities award. He was an intern for the Sci-Fi channel and recieved work in conference services for McKinsey Mgt consultation corp. in NYC. At WSC-TV, he worked in the sketch show attempt "Caffeine High" and as crew for other shows until becoming part of The New RRN.

Roles/Segments Performed : Anchor, Dr.Emmitt Brown:weatherman, Phantom Sheep, Salamon Lawyer, Big E report, Improv News, Grim Reaper, Florida spring break reporter, Ross Perot, Mr.Scrooge, Zippy on the Internet, OJ re-enacting prosecutor, Mall holiday shopping, window/plant puppeteer, Peru soldier, Washington reporter, Psychiatrist, Federal Agent.

Other Members:

Jeff Boucher
News researcher and Extra performer
Chunky Boy (with Johnny G, ep.3); Goshen Officials (riot, ep.3); secret service (ep.6), Psycho Friend (ep.9); Security (ep.11); Drew Carey(ep.12); Wookiee (ep.9)

Angie Fry
Crew member and Extra performer
Voice of Joan Collins(ep.1); Dorm resident (ep.4); Improv card dealer(ep.1,4)

Chris Jackman
featured player/new ensemble cast contributor
Fast Food dealer (ep.8 &10); Valentine's report (ep.9); "Jumpin'to the '90's CD"(ep.10); Anchor(ep.11).

Annie Keinath
one of the Original Rubber Room News anchors
New RRN Anchor (ep.2); Entertainment Gossip (ep.1)

Amy Langevin
featured player and Coorespondant
Joe Kennedy Rally and Interview(ep.5); Anchor(ep.6); Holidays at the Mall (ep.7); WSC President search commitee(ep.10)

Nathan Lavarnway
Writer and Performer
New Cosmetic Products (ep.1); Anchor (ep.2)

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