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RRN Live on Stage!

On March 27th, 1997, Rubber Room News once again broke new ground as they wrote and performed their all new episode on location
and in front of a live audience to celebrate their first year anniversary on the air!

The cast got a copy of the script only a week before the final performance.
Within that week, changes were made right up to the last few minutes before the show.
Check out a copy of the original script!

Pressed by time, there was only 1 read thru and two blocking rehearsals, and no tech rehearsals.
Check out a copy of the March 27th show credits/program!

For information about Booking RRN Live on Stage for your venue,check out our new info page!

PICTURES from that first show!
RRN Live on Stage!
Show anchors Eric and Nicolle 
greg with guitar
Wrong show, buddy! 
(Greg as college rock star)
RRN Live on stage!
 Kevin informing Eric about Nicolle's 
Alien encounter 
(Greg and Kevin)
chris at desk
Chris after getting fired from Annie!

Jerry Ma...guy with the big booty babes Part 2 star accepts his Zippy Award!
Ewe know who else was there!RRN Live on Stage!

The Phantom Sheep!
Oh No! It's the Phantom Sheep

More pictures available!

By popular demand, RRN Live on Stage will consider offers to perform for hire. Each show is entirely new, written especially to the location to be performed and never the same. The style is the same wild and absurd fun and full of the usual satire and parodies! For more information ,please contact us!
Or visit our RRN Live Info page!

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