The New RRN

A collection of some incriminating evidence
and the fun we have producing the show.


The Sheep take over the studio:sheep directing
sheep camera operator

 The Dole, Perot, and Bush sketch:

Eric and Kevin getting ready
Eric & Kevin 
getting made up
jon getting made up
Amy touching up Jon
the three losers

The Phantom Sheep appears on The Pulsating Cow Show !

WSKB DJ Jay Ditnitto with 
Kevin(puppet) and Eric(voice)

Coverage of the Clinton Rally in Springfield MA

There he is! 

There we are (30 yards away!)

The Eastern States Expo!
(zippy's inspiration to run for president)

That WAS damn good pie!

The infamous Cow made of BUTTER !
(is not mad nor pulsates)

For more off-stage pictures, Check out the current PSP Scrap Book!

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