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On this page is some more ofthe fun we have when performing and just hanging out together.
(If you are looking for pictures from specific shows, check out our Shows page and corresponding sub-pages!)

T stop
Eric and Greg on route to Boston
cast party
RRN season wrap
cast pizza party
FAO Swartz
NOT a Phantom Sheep!
(Eric & Zippy at FAO in NYC)
award ceremony
Zippy,Nicolle, & Eric:
1997 Who's Who's Award recipients
RRN Directors
Diana & Wayne:
some of RRN's best directors!
RRN Live backstage
Eric and his wife
in quick change room
after RRN Live on stage show
under the desk
In back/under the RRN desk
Sorry to ruin the illusion
(BTW, the crew couldn't figure out why 
the sheep wouldn't see their hand cues)
cell phone
Have our flock call your flock!
(Dave and the Phantom Sheep)
Jon Gill 
Times Square, NYC
Jeff playing
Jeff was a good boy and ate all his dinner,
so they let him play
Greg celebrates his 21st birthday ; annual Entertainment 
party at HuKeLau! (and he wasn't even drinking!)
Greg, Steve, Dave, Zippy
Griz,Kevin, and Eric
after taping of a RRN episode
Eric and Tingley
with Jim Poulos("Mark" from "RENT")
Nederlander Theater, NYC
Pete Shannon (with Zippy):
One of our favorite people 
to work for;
...and he really trusts us too!

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