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On this page are photos of some of the fun we have when performing and just hanging out together. Always check back for added pictures!(If you are looking for pictures from specific shows, check out our Shows page and corresponding sub-pages!)

NYC Christmas 2000
Tommy, Debbie, Tingley, & Eric

A Phantom Sheep Thanksgiving Special
Tommy, Tingley, Zippy Vader, Jeremiah, 
Debbie, Tubby, Sara, Jon, & Melissa

PSP Players/SoundStage Theater 2000 Cast &Crew
Melissa, Tommy, Jon, Kate (upsidedown), Eric
Jeff Tingley, Kate's head, Johnny Taylor

Eric's Birthday at Kahunaville
(Debbie, Eric, Tingley, & Jon)
Eric and Debbie with Colby Donaldson from Survivor II
Jeff Tingley, Tommy Lynch, Eric Boucher
performing improv for a SFNE team meeting.
Nick, Kevin C., Jon, Eric, Jeff T., and Greg 
Dave and Mort (Jeff Tingley)
Kate, Jeff, and Eric; KISS95.7's Boo-Bash 
(Frightfest promo)
 PSP new years Eve Y2K party!
"We survived the End of the! call REM!"
PuppetWorks 95 cast
"The INCUMBENTe"  (HCC mainstage/forum-1994)
First stage play written and directed by Eric Boucher
other PSP founding members Kevin Zabawa (standing left) and Jon Gill (sitting right) as George Bush.
(with Margery Garvey and Kate Lacey)
PuppetWorks95 Cast 
(Eric & Kevin's first puppetry job)
Chris, Kevin, Maria, Kasha, Eric
with many puppets still in our cast of characters today!

updated 8/23/01
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