Phantom Sheep
Theme Park Shows
We have created over 35 original shows for the theme park industry
with the majority being for Riverside Park and Six Flags Inc.
These family shows still have the unique PSP wit and quality

Concept, Script, & Direction.
Developed with SFNE & WB.
Debuted May 2017
Kidzopolis Center Stage

Totally Timeless
"Totally Timeless: A Radical Retro Revue"
Our brand new original theatrical musical!
Pop back in time to the awesome '80's with live singing, dancing, comedy, and a love story that's totally timeless.
Debuted June 2017.
SFNE Rockville Theater mainstage!

Mrs. Claus' Christmas Eve
"Mrs. Claus' Christmas Eve:
 A StoryTale Adven
Brand new original showcreated for SFNE's innaugural "Holiday in the Park"!
  Music, puppetry, comedy, and more!
Running Nov. 24th-Jan1st
.Graveyard Groove: A Monster Revue
GG Cast stairs
An original custom show featuring
a new twist on classic monsters, live singing,
dancing, comedy, and parodies of hit songs.

Concept, Script, Direction.
Debuted September 2014. SFNE.

Returned Fall 2017 Rockville Theater
Mayhem Mission: Ghoulish Gameshow

An original PSP hit show brewing in the lab
entertaining thousands of families each fall

starring Dr.Slappy Von Slime and Geegore!

Concept, Script, Design, Direction 
Premiered Sept 2002 at SFNE  Frightfest! 
V 1.5 RE-STAGED 2004 & 2013-current
with new games and comedy!
StoryTale: Fumbled Fables
Script, direction, production.
Suzy Goose spins a mash-up parody
of favorite classic stories
with the help of Perrault, Flora,
and a cast of audience members.
2012-2016. Now available for other venues.

Dead Legends Live

Original script by PSP. 2004-2011
New characters, songs, and/or
comedy added each season!
Also played in SF St.Lois in 2009!

(New England Ambassadors of Thrill).
Custom Guerilla Improv troupe
created, trained, and directed by PSP members
 to add extra excitement to midway.
Debuted Summer 2014.
Goose's Games

"Goose's Golden Games"
Concept, Script, Co-design & Track production
In the same style and wit of StoryTale, Suzy Goose lets the audience compete in games restoring her book and celebrating the
 60th Anniversary of
The Great Escape theme park.

Premiered Summer 2014, at TGE.

at the Gold Rush Saloon
interactive comedy
  (2005-2007) Silly sight gags, word play,
and an audience wrangled up to help Doc Bucky McGee capture Villainous Robin Roberts!

PuppetWorks PhantoSeize
Concept, Script, and complete production. 2002-2006
Our revolving whimsical spectacle featuring our favorite cast of freaky friends in a fantastic storyline.

.Splashbucklin' Scalleywags: Pirate Gameshow Adventure (2005-2007) Action, comedy, audience hands on interaction! Capt.Velcro, Swabby, Percy, and Mr.Scrubby set sail for  adventure in this popular show loved by audiences of all ages. Featured original concept, script, and direction.
WRKS Sock Hop Puppets!
Monster Mash in MovieTown
concept, script, voice-overs
Original custom show at SFNE. 
Fall 2001-2006

Get scared silly as classic Monster stars tune their terror talents with music and mayhem!  Join Count NoseFuratoo, Wolife, Franky, and SarcastiGus as they restore the "Classic Boo" back in MovieTown!

Sheriff Wayne and Garp Jitters attempt 
to put The legendary Bandit Bros. to a 

final rest...finally. 

Concept, Script, Direction. 

"Mort's Used Coffins"
This morbid and maniacle show originated by
Phantom Sheep's own Jeff Tingley features a wild and irreverent satirical comic monologue filled with audience interaction!
Script, direction, production; premiered  at Riverside Park  1998.
Mort's Moonlight Madness Sale: 2000-2001.

Mort Returned Fall 2007 and currently plays with new set and new jokes created 
by the Phantom Sheep troupe including new material added each season biting the latest headlines and dead-lines

Other Phantom Sheep Theme Park Shows include:
  • Verdict of Sorcery (2002-current. Now also an expanded touring international full-length play)
  • Frontier Feudin': Gameshow of the Wet  & Wild West (2003-2004)
  • "ON LOCATION" (2003-2004)
  • "Let's Make A Scary Movie" (1998-2000)
  • PuppetWorks SpookTacular 1, 2, and 3-the final BAA! (1996-2001)
  • PuppetWRKS SockHop (1996)
  • Sidewalk Sorcery (1998-1999)
  • and many more!
    Our troupe's talents have also been part of the creative forces behind 
    other non-Phantom Sheep theme park corporate and licensed shows including:
  • Looney Tunes Talent Show- script co-writer.
  • Daffy Duck Dance Party- Script, direction.
  • DC Comics' Legion of Doom- script, direction, and voice-overs.
  • The Awakening, featuring Mayor Slayer. Script, voice, and direction.
  • Mr. Six's Funtastic Gameshow- original concept, script, direction, video and audio production.
  • Dick Clark Productions Face the Music- original concept, co-writer, direction.
  • Dick Clark's Bloopers (Theme Park Stage/Multi-media show)- segment writer, live elements director.
  • Dance Dance Revolution Showdown- script, direction.
  • Creature Feature- character scripting, collaboration with Rainforest Reptile Shows.
  • MOP Squad- improv comic actors disguised as janitors. Training program design and artistic direction.
  • And many more!
    Phantom Sheep
    Character Vocal Work / Voice-overs, 
    along with full mixing and track production!
    • Attraction Spiels
    • Show character tracks
    • Themed music and sound effects
    • & more!

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    Scripts and taped(audio and video) performance sample reels available to potential clients by request.

    What Phantom Sheep has to offer:

    1) A team of original creative talented & experienced professionals who specialize in many aspects of Entertainment.

    2)  Services Include: Writing, Acting, Emcees, Puppeteering, Comedy Improv, Voice-overs, Audio engineering, Workshop Instruction, Creative consultation, and Direction.

    All to empower your Team, enhance your event, and amaze your clients!

    We can create and customize shows to 
    your venue and budget!

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