Phantom Sheep Comedy Productions
Proudly Presents
WITH MerlinJeff Tingley


Magic Apprentice Jeff Tingley has stolen his master Merlin's magic hat out of bitter revenge. Watch and wonder the resulting surprises and untimely outcomes as he tries to control the magic in this all new family farce!
This Show had its successful premier run at StarToons Studios/Riverside Theme Park during fall 98!

Jeff Tingley mixes the slaptick and clowning of a vaudeville era artist with sleight of hand skill
as he delivers a comic display of preverse magic!

Also seen at "Arts in Motion", HCC health Benefit events and Riverside "Frightfest 99"
So Far so good....?
oh WOW!
Jeff didnt really expect that to work!
Nothing worse than a "store bought Trick"
Jeff even finds a way to make this work different!?!?
Eric & Jeff
PSP producer/co-director Eric Boucher with
Magic Apprentice/show creator Jeff Tingley

Show Created and Arranged by: Jeff Tingley
Co-Direction and Production: Eric Boucher
Creative Consultant: David Garrity
Audio Track Production: Greg Boucher
Props: Jeff Tingley & David Garrity
Costume: Jeff Tingley & Pete Shannon
Special Thanks to: Rocky for taking a beating for the sake of showbiz!

© Copyright 1999/2001 Phantom Sheep Productions