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Phantom Sheep and Skits &Giggles
1" Buttons!

Tiny flaire to show your huge amount of love!
Only $2 each or 3 for $5! Includes shipping!
Email stuff@phantomsheep.com with what you want and where to send it.

New Designs available!

Also available at most of our live shows &workshops!
Our "Store" is currently being improved and will be offering more Image Exploitation Stuff such as DVD's, shirts, and online ordering soon! 

You can order online or even in person if you happen to run into a troupe member.
We are not in the retail business. All proceeds and tips go directly back into production of future work creating more comedy for you! 

If you like our shows and videos and want to support the troupe, tips and donations accepted via Paypal. All funds go right back into production on new equipment, costumes, props, etc.
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