Do You Want to be A
Sponsored by Minute Maid Orange Juice
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(above) Tommy Lynch takes over for Regis
(right) Eric warms the crowd up.

(left) Eric grills the Hot Seat contestant.
(above) Contestant Noah ponders for the prize.

Pedro phones his mom for some help

Eric helps Pedro show off the rewards for his knowledge

(left) Justin reads off the speed round
(above) Tommy awards some winners
(above) Eric & Justin run the raffle
(right) Our first night grand prize DVD winner DiAna Kelley

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The Cast: Justin Alaimo, Eric Boucher, Tommy Lynch
Concept, Coordinator and UMASS Represenative: Diane Sutherland
Special Thanks to the UMASS Food Service staff; Laura, Michelle, Chris, and other student staff; the AV crew; Minute Maid; Mr.Toong, Caren, and Diane; and of course the audience!

Copyright 2002, all rights reserved. Photos courtesy of Diane Sutherland, UMASS