Do You Want to be A
Sponsored by Minute Maid Orange Juice
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Top Left: Justin grills the hotseat contestant
Top Right: Eric grills the hotseat contestant
Above Left: Shirley, our 4th night grand winner!
Above Right: Eric & Tommy with Eron, our 3rd night grand winner!
Right: Tommy finds an expert in the audience as a lifeline.

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The Cast: Justin Alaimo, Eric Boucher, Tommy Lynch
Concept, Coordinator and UMASS Represenative: Diane Sutherland
Special Thanks to the UMASS Food Service staff; Laura, Michelle, Chris, and other student staff; the AV crew; Minute Maid; Mr.Toong, Caren, and Diane; and of course the audience!

Copyright 2002, all rights reserved. Photos courtesy of Diane Sutherland, UMASS