the Jedi!


Phantom Sheep Comedy Productions
Thanksgiving Party
hosted by Kate Chaconas
Over the Thanksgiving weekend, PSP & friends get together 
for a fun celebration. 
This year, PSP alum Kevin "Zippy" Zabawa  was nice enough 
to invite his Uncle Vader. 

We couldn't believe how much he paid for his lightsaber....

so we had to show him where we got great deals on our Star Wars toys!

Joining Uncle Vader on his trip:
 Jon Gill, Eric Boucher, Jeff Tingley, Kate Chaconas(photographer)
PSP workshop alum Tommy, Melissa, and Sara
and significant others Debbie and Jeremiah

The Force is strong here!

One of Vader's new friends recommends some re-released videos of his past work

Let those fools use their Taunt-Tauns 
...I got Darth Neigh-dar!
 When you control the galaxy, playing PS2 is easy!
An actual Queue line starts to form! 
Gees! Can't a Sith Lord shop in peace!?

To take some pressure off of Uncle Vader, Jon Gill offers to take 
some pictures with people

Among all this excitement, Jeff Tingley is 
actually recognized by a Mort fan!

More new friends Vader met while in the Star Wars aisle!

"Um, No officer, I didn't see any Alderaan"

Special thanks to all the cool employees of ToysRUs in Springfield, MA.
They graciously welcomed the Sith Lord and showed what great fans they are!

Were you there? Contact us and say "Hi"!

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